16 November 2021

5 office seating arrangements to improve productivity

by Sneha
5 office seating arrangements to improve productivity

For most enterprises around the world, irrespective of their specific field, one of the highest preferences that exist within their offices is productivity. Productivity is what enables offices to upgrade effectiveness to achieve as many objectives relating to their work as possible. There are many ways to keep your work team engaged and contented, but the physical work environment in the office may be the most significant facet. This means comfortable temperatures, attractive office space, office seating arrangements that aids everyone is at their best are all part of a perfect office layout.

Office seating arrangement plays a prominent role in the established values of the office and also can be considered as one of the elements to determine the culture of the office. Office seating arrangements can be designed according to sections in the office, adaptability necessary in the seating arrangement and work processes, systems of working, procedures, etc. All these facets are also following the type of company. There is always a correlation between the settings up of office seating arrangements with its culture.

Office seating arrangement in a Law firm cannot be comparable to the array in a design firm or a Tech company. A tech company’s Office seating arrangement can be based on adaptability of moving around and changing desks. Hence, there is not one determinant of the setting up of an office. Every office has a specific culture and seating arrangement consequently but there can be one certain solution to every function.

Types of Office Layouts

1. Co-Working Office Layout

Co-Working offices are one of the vast workplace inventions of this century. They enable you to outburst to all the appearances of a modern office without you having to generate it yourself. A co-work office seating arrangement will propose a vast range of workspaces from open lounge areas and meeting rooms. Co-working space layouts encourage an environment that augments social interaction with the same intellectual individuals. It enables self-employed individuals to meet with their potential customers for their existing or upcoming projects.

2. Cubicle Office Layout

A cubicle office layout seating arrangement is a type of open office layout where the work areas are constructed using division walls on 3 sides to structure a box or “cubicle”. This style of office seating arrangement offers more space and cost-efficient contrast to built-in offices. It is consecutively organized areas that give employees their own private space. The chances of improved productivity become advanced when a worker gets an apt workspace where he/she can handle their work without any hindrance. Cellular offices offer a calm environment for both the employers and employees with the sole purpose to let them concentrate on their respective jobs.

3. Open-Plan Office Layout

An open-plan office seating arrangement does away with the division wall altogether. Instead, work areas are designed and created using furniture. Tables and lounge seating arrangements are used to craft informal meeting and collaboration areas. The attraction of this type of office is that it is very adaptable and can enlarge, contract, and be reconfigured simply. Open office layouts don’t have doors or any other physical barricades; there is a fair chance of better communication among employees. From an employer’s perspective, open-plan office seating arrangements are enormous. The design layout makes it simpler for administrators to supervise their teams in an effective manner.

4. Team-Based Office Layout

A team-based office layout is a newer style of office seating arrangement where workers are grouped by team. The dimension and space allotted to each team differ relying on the type of job that needs to get done. A team workspace layout will often consist of individual workstations and collaboration space. This shortens the necessity for meeting rooms and teams members can communicate easily within the space.

5. Hybrid Office Layout

The hybrid office is one of the innovative office types. It blends the fundamentals of all the above office designs based on the needs of your enterprise. A hybrid office includes workers who work in the office, whereas others work from home, and enables more freedom over when and where work is completed. Ground-breaking new office systems are making this more achievable and easier than ever.