5 Tips To Find The Perfect Office Space For Your Business
7 February 2020

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Office Space For Your Business

by Jitesh Varma

Are you looking for a new office space? You may be confused about the right price, choosing the right location and so on. If you need a new office space, make sure to know the following steps that will guide you to finding the perfect space for your company.

1. Evaluate Your Requirements & Expectations

Initially, you need to determine the needs of your business and your employees and co-workers, the space, amenities, location, budget and the type of office space required. Along with this define your parking requirements, your office layout and taking into account your company’s future growth and create a checklist. Before coming to an end decision, ask for your partners, clients, and employee’s suggestions.

Take everyone's opinion on the best location, their preferred office setup or layout and other business and non business amenities and facilities they would like to have in the office.

2. Search Online or Consult a Real Estate Agent

The moment you start thinking about moving to a new office space is the right time to plan and begin your research. Before you fix on a particular space, it’s highly recommended that you shortlist some properties that suit your needs. Best if you start searching six months ahead of the move. Searching online can help you to find some good properties. But the best approach would be to contact a real estate broker as they can help you go through various office space options. Make sure that you assess the properties yourself as agents represent the landlords and not the tenants. So, you need to ensure that you get the best deal.

3. Selection Process

Once you’ve shortlisted the properties, you need to personally visit those properties and make sure they check all the boxes in your checklist. Always make sure that all the details given in the advertisements are true and correct by enquiring about the same. A single slip can land you in a bad deal. So make sure you have all the information right before you sign the agreement. Ensure that you’ve got all the info such as the date of possession, charges included in the rent, whom to contact incase of issues, facilities provided by the owner, nearby amenities and so on.

Once you’ve narrowed down on a property, make sure you’ve selected a second or even a third best suited office as backup. This will help you negotiate better and also keep your options open.

4. Talk to Your Peers

Before you finalise a property, it’s always recommended to ask your peers who have recently rented office spaces. Talking to your peers can help you with recommendations on location, brokers to choose, and a good insight into the whole lease process.

5. Move In

Once you’ve chosen a property, sign on the dotted line and move into your new office space. There isn’t much you need to do if you are moving into a serviced office or a co-working office space as everything will be arranged and set. But if it’s an unfurnished one, you will have to set up the place from scratch. In such a case, your agent can help you find the right carpenter, plumber, or even an interior decorator to help set up your office and running in no time.