Tips To Make A Workspace More Creative
12 January 2020

5 Tips To Make Your Workspace More Creative

by Jitesh Varma

There are many who think office space doesn't matter to get the most out of their employees. But the fact of the matter is workspace plays a very major role in empowering the employees to maximize their potential by igniting a great level of productivity and creativity in them. A recent research suggests that a healthy working environment can help the employees to lead a stress free work life thus improving their productivity.

That said, here are 5 tips to help you create a creative workspace.

1. Light Up Your Space

Office lighting can impact everything from how we make decisions to how we respond to a particular situation. Just like the layout of an office, it has a huge impact on the employees health and the company image. Make use of the natural lighting along with the artificial lighting like LED lights to help keep you closer to the outside world while you work comfortably. Daylight integrated lighting control systems can control the level of artificial light according to the natural light in a space. Artificial light will be automatically dimmed in as per the level of natural light present in the room.

According to a recent study, an office having good daylight can boost your productivity and creativity to a great extent. If you have a window in your office that gives natural lighting then it would be a good idea to move your work space closer to the window.

2. Clean And Organize Your Workspace

Workplace is treated as one’s second home as they spend a significant amount of time in the office in a day. So it makes sense to keep it clean and well organized as it helps you to work in a more orderly manner thus helping you to improve upon your productivity. A messed up workspace can hinder your ability to concentrate and leave you feel tired. On the other hand, a decluttered work space will definitely allow you to think more clearly and creatively. According to MaidSailor, a Commercial Cleaning Company in New York, “Whether you run a small business or are part of a large company, ensuring that your offices are kept clean and tidy helps create a positive first impression and improves employee morale and work ethic.”

Also, according to a recent study, working in a clean and organized space can help you stay happy, focused, motivated and steer clear of stress. So to work smoothly, make it a habit to declutter your office space once in a while.

3. Decorate That Wall

Displaying art in the workplace can hugely improve your performance, mood, and overall physical well being. Adding some artwork in your walls, keeping your family photo by the table, or even sticking some inspirational quotes you love can help you elevate your creativity. By simply adding creative art works and inspirational quotes to your work space will help ignite new ways of thinking in your brain.

4. Keep It Green

Growing live plants around your workspace not just reduces workplace stress but helps improve air quality, your mood and spark your creativity. Many studies have shown that an organic workplace can reduce people's stress levels, anxiety and boost energy of the employees. Always try to keep plants that have a relaxing scent such as lavender, lilacs and roses as these plants have been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety in people. What are you waiting for? Spark some creative thinking in your employees and liven up your work space now by adding in some of that indoor plants.

5. Bring In The Play Zone

It is very common for employees to feel burned out after continuously working for hours. So it is important to cheer them up by including a play area in the office so that they can loosen up, take a break, relax and have fun. Playing pool, carroms etc not only helps you take a break from your stressful day, but also helps in interacting with different team members thus enhancing interpersonal relationships, communication and bonding within the office. You will be surprised to know that some of the most creative ideas are brought alive during a game session between team members or a shared cup of coffee.