7 Points to Consider when Moving from a Home Office to a Commercial Office Space
28 October 2019

7 Points to Consider when Moving from a Home Office to a Commercial Office Space

by Paul Mathew

A home office is a very viable choice when you start a new business. It helps you keep a check on the expenses and invest better in the business when it is most needed. The financial and operational flexibility that a home office provided will help the growth of your business in the early stages. But with growth comes the requirement for more supplies, better equipment and infrastructure, and more employees. This will make it difficult for you to effectively operate from a home office. Knowing the right time to move to a commercial space from a home office will help you accomplish the necessity to expand.

Here are some tips that you might want to consider when moving from a home office to a commercial space.

1. Stick to the budget

Making the move affordable might be the biggest obstacle you face when planning to shift to a commercial space. Knowing your current financial position and a good prediction of the future income will help you choose the right space that stays well within your budget and that fulfills all your requirements. Being over-ambitious might add to the overhead and will eventually affect the stability of your business.

2. Right Location

Choosing the right location for your office plays a vital role in the growth of your business. Easy accessibility for both your clients and employees will be a key point to consider. That being said, the distance from your home is also an important point to be considered. You would want it neither too close nor too far away from where you stay. Being too close will not make you feel like you have actually moved from the home office and being too far will eat up a lot of your valuable time in commuting between home and office.

3. The right infrastructure

While choosing the right commercial space for your business having the right infrastructure based on the kind of business that you own will have a vital role to play when it comes to expanding the business. If your business requires frequent client meetings, choose a space that will be aesthetically pleasing to the client and this will leave a long-lasting impression on them.

4. Plan and make the time to move

Unlike what it looks like moving into a commercial space needs months of meticulous planning. Creating a detailed execution plan will help you stay organized throughout the process of moving out from the home office. Also, look for the least busy time of the business to move into a new space as this will ensure that taking a few days off for a smooth transfer will not have a big impact on the business as a whole.

5. Hire professional help

When it comes to packing and moving the heavy stuff trained professionals for moving can be the best to trust. Having the work entrusted on them will save you and your employees from the unwanted risk of injury and will also give you time to look at the smaller things which you might miss otherwise.

6. Maintain the home office

It's always a good idea to maintain the home office for a few more months after moving into a commercial space. This would help get the clients adjusted to the transition smoother and also ensures that you do not lose business just because of the address change. Maintaining the home office also will leave you the option to move back if the commercial space is putting you in financial pressure or its just not the right place for you. This will also give you an excellent place to escape if you are in a mood to work away from all the buzz in the office.

7. Update the contact information before moving

Nowadays people depend a lot on online information for address, location, maps, etc. Updating the address information on online platforms most importantly on Google My Business would be something you do not want to forget. Adding the new address to the brochures, visiting cards etc are also important and can be done right after the lease agreement for new space is signed.

Moving to a new commercial space is much more than these points. But taking a note of these will definitely help you keep things in check. Happy Moving!