25 May 2022

Benefits of natural light in office

by Sneha
benefits of natural light in office

Employees get enormous benefits with sufficient lighting in the workplace, particularly natural daylight. 

The method of arranging windows, skylights, and reflective surfaces in a manner that effectively invites ambient sunlight into the indoor environment, significantly increases the productive effects of natural light in the worksite on energy conservation, relaxation, efficiency, and motivation.  

With that being said, here are top 10 reasons why you should make sure your office is adequately lit.

1. Builds a Cheerful Environment

Getting sunlight from outdoor windows to enter an office produces a warm and pleasant environment. Glass partition panels can be taken as a design in the internal environment to achieve this. An environment that allows natural light promotes relaxation and matches any look and style.

2. Boosts Organizational Performance

Work performance can get boosted by natural light. Natural light enhances productivity while making staff happier and more motivated to remain with the company. That promotes efficiency, aids job satisfaction, and lowers excessive staff turnover. 

3. Improves Overall Sleep Quality

While compared to their low-light peers, employees who have high amounts of natural light exposure in their workplaces generally have higher sleep quality. Natural daylight aids in the formation and continuity of circadian rhythms, the biological process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle.

As individuals invest so much of their day at the office and often arrive and depart at night, especially during the winter month, natural lighting at work can have long-term advantages.

4. Helps Connect With Outdoors

The lifestyle has changed into one where we spend much of our time indoors. Climate-controlled residences and workplaces, most of which lack ambient daylight, have contributed to the increase in depression and a detrimental impact on mental health in general.

Allowing natural light into the workplace establishes a connection to the outdoors, and it has several advantages ranging from higher productivity to improved work performance.

5. Helps Overall Mood

A study by Northwestern University found that working in an office with natural light improved workers moods and boosted their energy levels. The study also found that workers who had access to natural light took less breaks and were more productive. 

Natural light is known to help improve moods, as it helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. When people are exposed to natural light, they produce more serotonin, which leads to a better mood.

6. Helps Reduces Utility Costs

Utilizing natural light reduces the demand for electric lights. It is wise to save energy in an office to save money on utilities while keeping your company more environment-friendly and sustainable. To reduce the expenses of electricity, proper style, arrangement, and window products are required.

7. Employees Get More Involved.

When employees work in natural light, they are more involved. They are more inclined to remain focused on their duties when they get involved. They are also more willing to cooperate with other employees of the company. More collaboration and participation lead to better performance and achievement.

8. Natural Light Adds to the Space's Attractiveness

Prospective tenants prefer office space that has enough natural light. Natural light makes a place appear more spacious and appealing, causing a potential tenant to pay a higher rent. A workspace with a lack of natural light not only leases for less but also stays on the market longer than its sunny competitors.

9. Healthier Employees

A study by NBBJ found employees who get exposed to natural light are not just more inclined to work a busy schedule, but they are also healthier and happy while doing so. Ambient daylight and Vitamin D have been studied extensively, as they make a great connection. Vitamin D can help with several ailments, including depression, diabetes, and chronic pain.

10. Enhances level of creativity

Research shows that employees who worked in naturally lit offices were more creative, both when it came to brainstorming new product ideas and solving problems. They also feel more energetic and engaged than the employees who work in artificially lit offices.


In conclusion, spending time in natural light has a plethora of benefits for office employees. It can improve moods, increase productivity, and even help regulate the body's circadian rhythm. To reap these benefits, employers should make sure their offices have plenty of windows and that workers are taking breaks to spend time outside.