07 December 2021

Top 10 Coworking Spaces in India

by Adam
Ten best Coworking Spaces in India

A coworking space or a shared office is a place or building where individuals or groups come to work. As it is inexpensive and facilitated, many firms opt to work in a coworking space.

The number of coworking spaces in India is countless and still growing fastly. Startups choose coworking spaces over conventional offices. There are numerous coworking spaces in India, in which many of them provide international standards and facilities

1. Trans Asia Cyber Park

Trans Asia is a premium Coworking Space in Kochi and one of the leading players in providing highly sophisticated and exquisite coworking spaces that accommodates organizations of all types. Coworking spaces at Trans Asia are equipped with all conveniences required in any workspace and a wide range of amenities that boosts productivity and act as a catalyst in creating a vibrant community. Coworking spaces at Trans Asia are sustainable and environment-friendly.

2. WeWork

WeWork is a worldwide brand, in which the WeWork at Bandra Kurla Complex is one of the leading coworking spaces in India. It provides occupational coworking space consist 16 decks with personal offices and conference halls designed with international standards. Bandra Kurla Complex is entitled to the Premium hub for numerous industries and firms in Mumbai. WeWork allows The Hot Desk package, which provides admittance to open workspace.

3. Red Bricks

Red Bricks in Andheri offers determined cabins and customized personal spaces for people. It has situated near Western Express Highway and Metro station. Thus it became the highly influenced coworking space in Mumbai. It supports firms by giving complete floors and entire cabins, which are highly innovative and allow numerous communal facilities for extracurricular activities. The wide-open spaces of Red Bricks offer small enterprises a doorway to accomplish growth.

4. 91 Springboard

91 Springboard at Yewada in Pune is one of the eminently sized coworking spaces in India. It has over 1,100 seats for members and provides ways to connect with many firms and industries of Pune. This coworking space is specifically adapted for contractors, entrepreneurs, and startups with innovative mind-set. It supports the rise of enterprises by shaping their professionalism acceptable and adaptable. It operates as a hotbed for innovation.

5. Spring House Coworking

Spring House Coworking, located in Janakpuri, is very close to the East metro station of Janakpuri. This well-known coworking space offers well-equipped remote offices along with printing and mail services. Small groups and individual entrepreneurs can get open seats that are adaptable with coworkers around. Through Day Access Plan, one can consume all the facilities of this coworking space. The conference halls of Spring House lead as stimulants for creating innovative ideas.

6. IndiQube

IndiQube is one of the developing coworking space firms in India. The framework of its Noida Branch Indiqube Logix has been arranged particularly for growth-promoting startups and enterprises. This coworking space agrees with all administrative standards and certifications. It grants magnificently designed workspaces that fulfill the promise of enhanced productivity. Logix has facilities, such as a Business Telephone System, call-out support system, training facilities, and internet connectivity.

7. Investopad

Investopad in Gurugram is one of the most efficient coworking spaces in India. It organizes regular programs for the workers of its coworking space. Members get access to a hand-selected network termed Crosstalk, which comprises professionals, financiers, and managers. Furnished with scanners, whiteboards and, projectors, Investopad assures that you will obtain all the required office equipment in your workspace. Investopad offers ultra-fast internet via Direct Leased line in addition to a broadband line for backup.

8. Goodworks

Goodworks is one of the popular coworking spaces in India. Its branch in the Electronic city of Bengaluru offers the comfort of transportation as it is very close to the metro station. It develops a foremost environment by holding startups working hand-in-hand with Fortune 500 firms. Dedicated Desks of GoodWorks allow storage sections for groups and individuals. An individual without a steady schedule can pick Hot Desks with flexible modes of payment.

9. Kafnu

Kafnu located in Mumbai is one of those best coworking spaces in India that develops a combination of connecting realistic social networking and sharing economy. It supports a person to participate in various private member organizations of excellent professionals and innovators. Its private certification programs help you connect with brave persons and help you to stimulate your individual and professional growth through its clever commitments.

10. Workafella

The well-maintained coworking space of Workafella located in Hyderabad supports a firm to utilize several amenities, comprising a telecommunication facility, conference halls, cafeteria, work areas, and furnishings. Workfella is popular as it stimulates fast growth.

Workfella guarantees that the personalized work floor of a company is certainly a unique and genuine workstation.    The private floor plans are designed following your company's aims by the skilled interior designers and architects of Workfella.