21 December 2020

13 Most Profitable Business Ideas For Women In India in 2021

by Adam
Business Ideas For Women In India

India is one of the developing nations, and the business landscape is blooming for both men and women. More and more females are rising to leadership with businesses of their own. In the spirit of becoming independent, women are motivated to make money out of their startups and initiatives even while sitting back at home. With the advancement in technology, there are excellent small business ideas for women. The rise of women entrepreneurship seems to be progressing well in India, with many women entrepreneurs launching their businesses successfully.

In this blog post, we will familiarize you with some business opportunities for women at home. So let’s dive in and take a closer look at the 13 most lucrative business ideas for women in India in 2021:

1. Dropshipping


You can sell products online without making any investments. You need not step out of your house for a successful dropshipping business. It is an e-commerce startup, where you can sell products online without managing any product physically. Instead, you can have an online store setup, connect with suppliers, and sell products online.

Additionally, you also need not spend long durations on researching products. There are ample dropshipping applications available in the market for use. To get used to the apps, you can watch some tutorial videos online and get started. In case you wish to make it big or expand it later in life, you can set up a small space at home to store some products for wholesale.

2. Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

More and more people are getting into following a fitter lifestyle. And with a busy lifestyle, not many people are getting enough time to visit gyms and fitness studios. What people prefer these days is an online coach who can guide them with healthy diet charts and workout routines. If fitness is your field, you can turn your knowledge and experience into a successful job in 2021.

There are ample fitness accounts on Instagram that make good money by fitness coaching. Starting steps can be as small as having accounts on Instagram and Facebook. As you keep posting workout videos and diet tips, people get attached to your account, and eventually, you begin getting personal clients.

3. Translation Jobs

If you are skilled in more than one language, you are in for a bonus. Multilingual people are in need all across the globe and skilled in language can be converted to a successful job from home. Google is full of websites and portals that offer freelance jobs. Having completed a few tasks, you can gradually build your portfolio and begin making more money.

You can start to offer your services and later expand your services by hiring other translators. By merely owning a laptop and a stable internet connection, you can get started as a translator within minutes.

4. Online Bookkeeping

Online Bookkeeping

You can perform bookkeeping services online and begin making money while sitting back at home. If you know the skill of bookkeeping and desire to start up an online business, then all you require is a decent internet connection and a laptop. You can start with one client at a time and gradually increase the flow. Once set, you can also hire other freelancers to work with you. With an expanded group of members, you can earn more and deal with more clients at one single time.

5. Home-Based Catering

Home-Based Catering

If cooking is your priced skill, then home-based catering can be your home-based business in 2021. Food ventures are successful business ideas for all. You would have to invest a little in this business, and the investment would depend on how big you would like to open. For instance, you can start small by managing smaller events.

A catering business is often started by having a website and promoting it on social media with the help of family and friends. Apart from taking orders for small parties and events, you can also fix tie-ups with local food joints and shops. They can keep some commission cut and sell your delicacies to the local public.

6. Flipping of Website

Website flipping was not very renowned earlier. These days it is a popular work from home business. This is a work from home opportunity where you purchase a website, work on to improve the content and design, and finally, sell it to a potential customer. You can make selling and purchasing transactions online. The money that you can earn by selling a reconstructed website depends on how much traffic it generates.

7. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

We live in a time where everyone needs to promote their business and ventures online. Be it small ventures or big businesses, every business requires catchy promotional stuff. Social media posting and promotion is the trend, and with this growing trend, the need for graphic designers is also increasing. If you have that artistic streak, and you love creating eye-catchy promotional stuff, you can begin your freelancing journey as a graphic designer.

Your job would require creating flyers, posters, promotional posts, digital ads, etc., for your clients. You can charge as per your efforts, invested time, and used tools. Your job as a designer would require certain tools (software), a decent internet connection, and a laptop. To begin, you can create a website and social media accounts to showcase your skills and list the services offered. Additionally, you can also register on freelancing websites to bag contracts and assignments from clients all across the world.

8. App Development

If you have the skills of developing apps, you are in for a successful business idea. These days people get apps developed by freelancers out on the internet. If you have the skill of app development you can enroll as a freelancer on online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc, and get regular projects to work on.

9. Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

Were you a fashion diva back in college? Well, it is time you put your supreme fashion sense to make some money. There are times when your friends and family come running to you for fashion advice and shopping assistance. You might not know, but some people pay for such assistance. You can search for clients who struggle to style themselves.

You can assist them in evaluating their wardrobe and make some money while doing something that you love. You can visit websites, shop for products that would suit the personality of your client, and get your business started. This job does not require going out to stores and shop. Instead, you can do all your styling online for your client.

10. Virtual Assistant

Every form of business, small or big require a virtual assistant for proper management. Companies hire people who can take some management burden off their shoulders. The payment structure for such a job depends on the time and efforts invested. You would be required to answer emails, perform administrative services, and schedule meetings. You can hunt for a virtual assistant job online and get going.

11. Online Teaching

Online Teaching

Online teaching is a time convenient job that can be done while sitting at home. With the COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching has been at its peak. Maximum students are preferring online education instead of traditional classroom programs. You can approach portals like White Hat Junior, Byju's, Vedantu, etc., and work for them or start your own thing. You can invest duration as per your choice and availability and earn as per invested time.

You can either join one of the established portals or also begin teaching by self-promotion. Online lectures can be schedules on platforms like Skype or zoom calls. The money you make would depend on the number of hours you invest. This job requires a laptop and a stable internet connection.

12. Content Writing

Content Writing

The internet is full of interesting and creative data. People love spending time on the internet, reading on topics of interest. What is more in demand are the writers who develop interesting content. If you are an imaginative soul and have the talent for crafting articles, ad copies, and blogs, content writing can be your new business. You can work as a full-time writer or even work as a freelancer on a contract basis. There are various content writing groups on Facebook and Linkedin where you can interact with other writers, search for clients and companies that offer work.

13. Set up an Online Bakery

Set up an Online Bakery

Bakery is one of the hottest business ideas of 2021. People with baking skills can make excellent money out of this business. Or even if you are not a decent chef, but a business-minded individual, you can start an online bakery. All you need is, hire a chef, set up an online bakery, and market your offerings. There are several online bakery pages on Instagram that sell cakes, cookies, desserts, and others. You can explore and get ideas before you begin big.


Technology has got us to a world where one can work and run a successful business while sitting back at home. Skilled women who desire to work from home can begin any minute, given they have a perfect idea. Listed above are some of the many small business ideas for women that you can think of, for a startup. With 2021 knocking in, we wish you loads of luck for your upcoming business venture.