21 September 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Retention

by Sneha
Importance of Employee Retention

In simple words, retention is the opposite of turnover. However, the reasons people choose to stay with an employer may not be the opposite of those that compel others to quit. Retaining top talents is a concern of many employers, and understanding retention is the key to keeping more top performers.

What is employee retention?

Employee retention of an organization or a company is its ability to retain its employees in a period. Here the employees choose to stay with their current employer and don’t look for other job prospects. There are many strategic actions employers can take from their side, to increase their employee retention rate.

Various factors influence an employee's decision and job satisfaction to stay with or leave their employer, including management and organizational relationship. The companies that hold managers and employers as a team to establish milestones and achieve new goals are considered better places to work.

Employee retention is also affected by work relationships, co-worker support, and supervisory management. A supervisor is expected to build good relationships, be fair, and allow flexibility to get good work from the employee for the company/organization's growth.

In the last few decades, there has been a decline in the number of jobs. This increases job anxiety among employees as well. The companies that provide good job security tend to experience quality work and more dedication from their employees as the employees don’t have to worry about losing their jobs. Hence, companies/ organizations that focus on job continuity and security tend to have higher retention and profits.

What are the Benefits of Employee Retention?

Employee retention is the key to the financial stability of the organization. A good apparent relationship between the employees and the organization develops goodwill in them, putting them and others into a positive force of giving their best for the company.

1. Reduces Training And Development Expenses

Retaining employees reduces the training cost for recruits and managers. This way, the company will earn more profit from the same number of workers working for them. Retaining gives the employees more opportunity to practice their software, technologies, and adapt to their work environment.

Employees who are happy with their company are more likely to refer or recruit someone from their own network, be more excited and helpful in training, and helping new employees become more familiar with the company culture.

Hence this helps companies save a lot of time and money in talent acquisition. These savings can be then spent on investing or growing the company to the next level.

2. Helps In Keeping The Experts

An employee working for a long time has a great experience with what has worked and what has not. This experience, in the long run, earns the company a considerable amount of profit. The employee's talent is well judged by the company and adequately utilized for the organization's welfare. The employees seek the right place for their skills; if they don't find value in the current organization, they will look for a new job.

Right decision making and self-confidence keeps the moral of a worker high, ultimately giving good quality work. An experienced worker can also train/ guide freshers in building a strong team for the company/ organization.

3. Provides Better Customer Service

Retaining trustable employees may bring some fluctuation in the company's financial values. Getting freshers onto the field will affect the customers' communication results and can also hurt the business relationship. An organization's customer base expects a consistent and reliable service. A long-term employee knows the customers and their needs so they’re able to serve better and try to make sure the company has a good reputation.

4. Builds a suitable environment for the workers in the organization

Job security is one of the most faced issues of any worker in an organization. If that part is erased from their mindset, it can create a perfect environment for employees. When someone is free from their burden, they can put all their efforts into the business and make the game strong.

Building a strong culture for long time employees can really help the company reap benefits in the long run.

How to Improve Employee Retention?

Pay Well

Most of the employees quit their current jobs if they get a fair amount of salary from other organizations. To ensure they stay with you, make sure you provide good hikes from time to time to keep them happy.

Maintain a Good Relationship

Sometimes, workers find it challenging to work in an environment with no or less coordination between them and the managers. Keeping this relationship, goodwill eventually improves retention.

Provide the Right Work Environment

Sometimes employees are provided suitable offers from competitors or other companies. Providing the right working environment and maintaining a good relationship with the employees will help resolve this & make them stick around in your organization.

Provide more benefits

Another way to improve the retention rate is to provide more benefits to employees like health insurance, performance bonus, medical checkups, and provident funds. These perks can keep the employee satisfied and happy with their job. Providing employees with these extra benefits makes them feel safe in your company, hence the likelihood of retaining the employee also increases.