21 November 2020

Fun Games to Play in Office on Fridays

by Reshma
Fun Games to Play in Office on Fridays

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” this phrase is one of the most realistic phrases you will ever come across. Everyone needs a little break, and people working in an office also need it like everyone else. Taking a break energizes your mind and body by breaking up the day, easing the stress, and helping to remove creative blocks.

When it gets to Friday, the employees are exhausted both from their minds and bodies, and they need something to take out their stress and be themselves for a bit. You can do this by conducting fun games on Friday in the office. Some of the fun games that you can play on Fridays in the office are:

1. Story telling:

For this game, arrange separate pieces of paper, write different words on them, fold them, and place them in a bowl haphazardly. Arrange two teams and let each group choose five or more paper pieces from the bowl and give them 5 mins' time to come up with a story from the word written in the form. Whoever comes with the best information wins the game.

2. Penny for your Thoughts:

This game requires a comfortable atmosphere, which will help the workers to lose up a bit and open up as this game focuses on having fluid conversations. For this game, collect some coins, especially those that have a year printed on them, put them in a jar, and let each person draw one cash and share the most memorable incident that happened to them during that year.

3. Treasure Hunt:

Treasure hunts are one of the most fun-filled activities that you can do in an office or, in that case, in any other place. This game will make people come out of their desks and have fun in a while. Make two teams out of all the office employees and set a timer for 2 to 5 mins and tell them to find all the objects listed on a piece of paper and given to each team. The winning team will have the most number of items located.

4. Drawing Blind:

This game focuses on building communication and listening skills among the workers. For this game, ask the two players to sit with their back on each other, then give one word to one player and ask him to describe the story to the other player, who will be sitting with a pencil and pad. Whoever gets the word with the given clues in the shortest amount of time will win this game.

5. Inkblot:

This game is just for fun and does not have any meaningful purpose behind it. For this game, provide a whiteboard and let the workers draw just a large inkblot shape on it and then ask the other workers what they see in that picture. This game has no win or losses strategy, and it is played just for the laughs.

6. Whose the Baby:

This game will help you to know more about your co-worker. For this game, bring the childhood picture of all the workers, randomly pick one of the images, put it on a whiteboard, put some blank cards under it, and ask the other workers to write the name of the person they think is in the picture.

7. Intranet Scavenger Hunt:

An intranet is something that is provided to every employee by the company. For this game, create some fill in the blanks which will be related to the intranet. You can give questions such as the company's mission statement, the FAQ section, or many more. This will help the workers to get familiar with the company’s intranet. Whoever completes the question sheet fast will be announced as the winner of this game.

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You can always play these games when the office sessions are getting dull or when you can see the employees are all drained out and need a break from their hectic schedule. All these activities will, as mentioned earlier, have a beneficial impact on the mind of the workers, and makes them more productive.