07 March 2021

Furnished vs Unfurnished Office Space: Which One Should You Choose?

by Adam
Furnished vs Unfurnished Office Space: Which One to Choose?

With the number of businesses growing day by day, the demand for office spaces has also increased over the past few years. Having a have a good and modern office space plays a huge role in the growth of a business. But before you move into your new office, you should make a calculated and well-thought decision.

Therein comes the question, should I opt for a furnished or unfurnished commercial office space.

According to experts, the size and scale at which the business is operating is a major deciding factor when choosing an office space.

While the rent of unfurnished offices is much lower than furnished office spaces the cost of setting up the space might be on a higher side. In the same way, though furnished offices are appealing and available for use immediately, the rent can be pretty high at times. So choosing between a furnished and unfurnished office space has always been a big problem for business owners.

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Though modern-day entrepreneurs spend a huge amount of time in choosing their office location and estimating the budget. Taking more time in deciding whether you want a furnished office space for rent in Kochi or an unfurnished one can be a smart move so that you don’t have to regret your decision later.

So here we are with a list of pros and cons of both furnished and unfurnished office spaces to help you make an informed decision.

Furnished Office Space:

As the name suggests, Furnished office spaces come with everything you need to start your work. These spaces come equipped with chairs, desks and other furniture which saves you a ton of time and money. All you need to do is move into the office and get started with your work. It’s hassle-free and comfortable, which makes it the most preferred office for most businesses.


1. Saves a lot of time

Choosing the right style of furnishings, ordering and delivery can take several days which can impact your business operations. That’s where furnished office spaces hold an upper hand. As said earlier, furnished spaces come equipped with the necessary furnishings and office furniture. So it hardly takes any time to set up. Businesses can begin their work, the moment they shift to the office. It saves a ton of time and financial burden.

2. Professional Touch

Another advantage of furnished office spaces is that they look more professional and dynamic since the interior decor is mostly done by professionals, which makes the office look better and more professional. And professional looking offices tend to have a great impact on the company’s overall image.


1. High Leasing Cost

Although it is easier to shift to furnished office space, the rent for such a place is much higher than the unfurnished office space. As furnished office spaces provide lots of facilities and ready decor, thus companies must keep in mind the high amount of expenditure that needs to be spent on paying its rent.

Unfurnished Office Space:

When it comes to unfurnished office spaces, you basically have to start from scratch. These office spaces are opted mostly by businesses that want to customize their office based on their business needs and brand aesthetics. From furniture to setting up your workstations, you will have to manage it on your own. This could eat up much of your time and can impact your business operations.


1. Low Leasing Cost

The lease cost of unfurnished office spaces is approximately half of furnished spaces, which makes it a convenient option for businesses. But keep in mind that even though the rent might be less, setting up the office from furniture to interior decor can turn out to be expensive.

2. Flexibility and Option to Customize

Unfurnished spaces give you complete freedom to customize the office space based on your choice, brand, and business identity. It’s suitable for those who would like to add a personal touch to their office decor. You can design the interiors according to your business goals and identity.


1. Takes time to set up

Unlike furnished spaces, setting up an unfurnished office space can take a lot of time and effort. It can take weeks or even upto a month to setup your office space which could impact your work flow. So it’s always better to set up the office in advance before leaving the previous office space.

2. Could Turn Out to Be an Expensive Choice

Since you have to set up the office from scratch, you will mostly have to purchase office furniture and decor, which could turn out to be expensive. Also, be mindful that some furniture and decor fixtures may not fit well into your next office space. Even if it fits, you will have to pay to move the items to your new office.

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