07 April 2021

How To Communicate Effectively While Working Remotely

by Adam
How To Communicate Effectively While Working Remotely

Communication is generally done when the message of the sender reaches the receiver uninterruptedly and transparently. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are working remotely and communicating with each other with the help of many video calling applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and so on. Big MNC’s have already adapted to work from home due to the ongoing pandemic. While others are ready to accept the new work system since they were already following the norm for quite some time. Researches show that almost all companies struggle a bit in the financial and accounting department while working remotely.

Though many financial leaders have already adopted the new norm of remote working, adapting to the new system has led to more frustration and productivity loss for some. There can be few issues like high dependency on email for communication which leads to flooding of emails and missing of important information. Due to this, internal teams face difficulty communicating with each other and meeting deadlines.

In this post, we’re going to provide you with 4 tips to help you communicate with your team members more effectively so that you don’t miss out on anything important. Let’s dive in!

1. Avoid Assuming Things

Do not assume anything from your side without having actual proof of the conversation. This is the basic step for ensuring proper communication between your co-workers. Online communication does save time, but it can lead to miscommunication as well. And miscommunication makes the work more complicated. So make sure you understand the context well, and then proceed with the work.

2. Try to Be Straight With Your Intent and Point

You need to be very clear and have clarity in your mind while communicating and assigning the task to your team. This step is important since every worker needs to have a clear-cut idea about the kind of work they have been assigned, which will help them to complete the work more quickly and correctly.

3. Use simple words

You should use simple words to communicate something to your team members so that they have a clear understanding of the context, and what they need to do to complete the work fast and effectively. Never use confusing words like “This, That” while talking to your team as this can lead to misinterpretations and confusions.

4. Mention Every Key Point

If you are the manager of an organization, you need to provide your employees with all the work details, which must include the context and the time allotted to complete the work. This way you can be sure that the work gets done properly and on time even while working remotely.

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Remote working is the best option right now for every organization during these tough times. But you also need to ensure a proper communication line among your team while working remotely as your workflow and work quality depend on it.

Hope this blog gave you some insights on how to communicate with your team members effectively even while working at home.