How To Create A Healthy Happy Work Environment
25 April 2020

How To Create A Healthy & Happy Work Environment

by Amit Krishna

Having a healthy work environment is one of the most important aspects to ensure that your employees are happy and productive. Improving the well-being of your employees not only boosts motivation and employee morale, but also decreases absenteeism and a high turnover rate.

But how do you create and maintain a healthy environment in the workplace. Well, here's a list of proven methods by which you can build a healthy and happy work environment.

1. Create a Comfortable Space

As per many studies, the workplace has a huge role to play in maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction.

Since employees spend the majority of their time in the workplace apart from their home, you need to ensure a workspace that is clean and comfortable enough for the employees to work. Enough if the work space is small and everyone has to work closely, ensure that there is enough room for everyone to work comfortably. Make sure that the work space is equipped with the best working conditions like natural lighting and good air circulation. Also consider placing plants in the office to improve the overall air quality and the mood of the employees.

2. Build Trust & Honesty

Trust and honesty are considered as two of the most important qualities that are valued in the workplace.

Since employees spend a lot of time in the office it is obvious that sometimes their personal lives can come in between the work. In such cases show compassion and offer your support to help your employees get over their emotions. Also communicate & talk to your employees regarding any inconveniences they might be facing at work, get employees to interact with each other, discuss their professional achievements and so on. Always be true and honest to your employees, admit and accept any mistakes from the management side. All these things can garner a sense of trust among the employees.

3. Endorse Open Communication

Communication is the backbone of all healthy and happy work environments. The management should be transparent with the employees and encourage open communication so that there are no misunderstandings among the employees. All information must be honestly and clearly communicated with the employees. This inturn helps you to understand and know your employees better. Also consider implementing an open door policy so that employees feel that they can approach you for anything.

4. Promote work-life balance

Try to promote work life balance in the company so that the employees can feel more happy and motivated to work hard. Studies have found that employees who have good work life balance are more productive at their work than those who don't. Work-life balance allows employees to better manage their work life and personal life at the same time. The more control an employee has over his life, the better his approach towards his work and personal life. So the more you help employees in balancing the lot, the more productive they eventually become.

5. Employee Recognition

Always remember that your success depends on your employees' success. So empower and motivate your employees by appreciating and giving a shout out to your employees at a regular basis. When employees are valued for the work and effort that they have put in, productivity level increases and this motivates them to improve their work which indirectly increases the company’s profit and sales. So develop a positive work environment by encouraging employee engagement and recognizing the employees for their hard work and dedication.