25 June 2021

How to Design a Perfect Reception Area for Your Office

by Reshma
How to Design a Perfect Reception Area for Your Office

It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression, even if it may not be entirely true, the first impression you leave on someone is going to heavily influence their behavior and outlook towards you and your organization. When someone enters your office, the first thing they see is your office reception area, it is the very first impression you leave on someone and you have to get it right.

The reception area design of your office should make a statement of elegance and stature. The office reception area is the place where the visitors are first greeted. The reception area is also used as a waiting area for appointments and visitors in most places. The reception of your office is also the place from where your clients might be entering the premises for the first time.

While designing an office space is hard in itself, designing a reception area is one thing that should be a bit fancy, as this area is displayed to the public most of the time.

The office reception area should be equipped with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant experience. The size of your office reception completely depends on the type of work that is done in your office.

Well, now that you are up and reading this article, you don’t need to worry about the reception design plan since in this article we are going to tell you how to design a welcoming office reception area. Before designing your office reception area, you should be able to decide on the space or size of the area. Let’s first read that and then we’ll go to the design part.

How To Find The Perfect Size For Your Office Reception Area?

You should consider the following factors to find the right size for your office reception area:

1. The type of business/work/profession

The type of business, work, or profession of your office influences the size and ambiance of the reception area a lot.

If you are a doctor specializing in heart diseases, then you should make a spacious and comfortable reception area, fully air-conditioned, and with the availability of drinking water and coffee wince your patients may have to wait longer in the area.

If you are in BPO then the reception area can be considered small since the waiting time is lesser and people are called in early.

For a hotel or a restaurant, the reception area needs to be very big since people are there for joy and comfort.

2. Amenities to offer

The size of the reception area may increase or decrease depending on the type of amenities you offer, if you are only keeping cushioned chairs and not sofas, then you’ll require less space.

For more formal places like BPOs, consultancy services, and clinics, these chairs are completely fine. There should also be some magazines and newspapers to read related to your industry. In most ideal setups, you are likely to find a water dispenser and a coffee/tea machine.

3. Type of visitors

The type of people visiting or waiting at your reception area also affect the need for space, if they are your clients, then they need to be treated well and should be provided with comfortable seating and better amenities, if they are just inquirers or want to meet one of your employees, there can be a normal settlement for them.

While visitors of all kinds matter, there is a slight differentiation in the type of visitors which should affect the space required for your office reception area. Well, now that you can find the right size for your office reception area, we will now tell you how to design a welcoming office reception area that your clients & visitors will love.

5 Best Ways To Design A Welcoming Office Reception Area

Here are five ways to design the perfect reception area for your office. You can follow these tips to make a good office reception design, these are just suggestions, but if you follow these accordingly, they can surely be of use to you.

1. Design according to your brand/company identity or industry

Designing the office reception area according to the identity or industry of your business or brand is a very effective and popularly used method. The design will help the visitors in having a better idea about the type of work that is done in your office.

2. Choose the right furniture

Your reception area should have nice and comfortable furniture, the reception desk should be big enough and equipped with a computer and a telephone. For the visitors, there should be comfortable chairs or sofas and a small table too. Adding an air conditioner will also be a good idea.

3. Add some indoor plants

Adding some indoor plants provide a fresh environment to the office and they are also helpful in taking away the dullness from the office. Plants also help in filtering the air and also serve as decor.

4. Install a TV, keep some books and magazines

Installing a TV at the reception is a very good idea as it can make waiting more comfortable, the channel selection should be strictly limited to news or some informative channels at max. You can also keep some books, magazines, and newspapers related to your industry to keep the visitors hooked.

5. Provide refreshments

A glass of water, a cup of tea or coffee a bit of chocolate feel heavenly after facing tough weather outside or coming from a long distance. At the reception area, keeping these things can surely refresh the visitors. If you don’t want to appoint a server, then you can simply keep water dispensers, coffee machines, and snacks at a table.
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Hope this article gave you some practical insights on designing a perfect reception area for your office. The key to making good decisions lies in knowing what you need and what you have. For designing an office reception area, you should know about your work and industry and have a clear idea about your budget.