07 May 2020

How to furnish office space to maximise productivity

by Amit Krishna

The primary goal in an office setting is to assist its residents in completing their tasks—ideally at the lowest possible expense and with the highest possible level of satisfaction. The office plays a substantial role in molding the employer-employee correlation.

Consequently, furnishing of office space is a weighty task to be done for enhancing the business. We need to meticulously analyze the business procedures and functions in order to develop optimum ideas to furnish the office spaces.

This article provides five important tips to be considered before initiating the furnishing activities for your office space.

1. Simplicity

Simplicity attracts workers than a complex office system and hence it makes one connect well with the work environment. Always prefer a simpler approach in designing the patterns with which the desks and tables are arranged in the office. The advantage of following an organized way gives rise to compactness which in turn saves a lot of space. Employees feel easy to handle their work activities in a simplistic space. This helps to follow an effective approach to sort the office documents and accessories in a more convenient way preventing complexity hence time can be saved in fetching it when necessary.

2. Quality over quantity

It is important to give an aesthetic and rich look to the office as it helps to build a confident and positive impression to the employees. Invest in the most required accessories without any compromise as it plays a crucial role in the growth of the company indirectly. Balancing the money can be efficiently achieved through this approach as it limits the purchase of needless items. As we concentrate on buying high quality over cheap items, it gives reliability through which can be used for longer period of time thereby can avoid reinvestment. Ensuring a quality office is one of the best way to reflect our potential and abilities to our clients. It builds a sense of trust and confidence over the company.

3. Hospitality

Try to decorate the office space with more natural plants than artificial stuff to give a work from home feel to the employees. This gives a freshness to the workplace by cleaning the air thereby promoting positivity to the environment. Studies have shown that employing plants in offices can reduce stress, anxiety and tension among the employees which helps to improve productivity. Open-type office space involves a lot of noise and these plants can absorb the sound and reduce the noise level to provide a calm and quiet background. Looking at nature can shift our brain mode to a creative mode which helps us to do work more proficiently.

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3. Visitor friendly

Clients are the primary concern for any organization as the office space must look welcoming to them and treating them well has a major role to play in maintaining a solid client relationship. It is important to give special attention to the reception area as it’s the first place the client sees when they enter the office. There should be a good looking and comfortable waiting room for the client.

4. Customization

Merely including costly and attractive readymade furniture in the office won’t do the job, instead how well these items reflect our business needs to be considered. The use of custom-made office accessories helps to integrate our services and boost workability. A lot of costs can be saved with this small tip and it shows our creativity to our clients and visitors. Office ergonomics significantly have an impact on the employee’s mind so customization is a good idea to carry out it effectively thus ensuring maximum productivity.

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