Advantages Of Working In A Shared Office Space
30 January 2020

How to Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional

by Sam

Adding fun and playful decor to your workplace environment can make your job more comfortable and enjoyable at the same time. Studies suggest that fun decor in a person's workplace can improve their productivity and engagement, induce creative thinking, increase chances of employee retention and reduce work related stress among employees. It is always recommended to create a balanced decor in the workplace that is both fun yet professional as it is your office environment that communicates your brand value and personality to others.

So, how can you create a fun environment at your workplace? Let's find out:

    Personalize Your Workspace

    Make your work space feel like home by including some photos of your family and friends. Keep it all balanced though, by choosing photos that show, you like having fun, but also that you're professional at the same time. Adding personal photos and items in your office will give you a homely vibe which will make you happy and comfortable. Personalizing your workspace this way can go a long way in increasing your comfort level thus leading to improved productivity.

    More Flexibility

    With shared office spaces, you don't have to commit to long term office leases. It allows people to work at their own preferred time without having to work on someone else's schedule. Also with different office membership options you can choose what works for you and what doesn't.

    The overall flexibility offered by shared work spaces provide good peace of mind, compared to the responsibility of a typical lease.

    Add some colors

    Be it adding shades of color in the wall or hints of color in the furniture can make the employees more energetic and vibrant when compared to a normal and boring office space. Using your brand color as a color decor is another option you can try out. To keep it professional, limit your decor to two or three colors, and avoid vibrant colors like neon.

    Bring In Nature

    You can make your office look more modern by including indoor plants in your work space. Indoor plants not only offer a shade of green to the workspace but are also visually enriching and helps improve the overall air quality. Incorporating plants in the workspace environment leads to healthier and happier employees who are more productive at work. Various studies suggest that indoor plants can decrease your chances of being stressed out at work. It is also noticed that placing plants in hard surfaces like hardwood floors and marles can absorb noise to a great extent.

    Play Music To Uplift Your Mood

    Studies have indicated that listening to music and dopamine release are directly connected to each other. Listening to music while working can improve your engagement, morale, and overall productivity. According to recent research, music has a positive impact on the majority of people listening to music at work. So if you feel down ever again, start playing your favorite playlist and uplift your mood.

    Declutter Your Space

    Always make sure to keep your workspace simple, clean and organized and avoid occupying the entire wall with decor. Take a few minutes everyday to declutter your desk from unwanted paper and other stuff. As the saying goes Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind, a clean, neat and organized workspace can do wonders in boosting your productivity, creativity and your mood.

    Introduce A Break Area

    Is there a separate room in your office where your employees can take a break, chillout and have fun? A break area, a room different from your usual work space, is one of the most important aspects of your office. A coffee machine, mugs and a fridge are a must have break area essentials you need to invest in. Create a space to sit down comfortably where the employees can enjoy their coffee or lunch and interact with their colleagues. Try to add a bit of fun element in the room by offering books, games or even a pack of UNO cards to help them unwind the day. Also consider adding a couple of artworks and colors to make the room more relaxing and cool.