16 August 2021

How to Organize Office Supplies at Work: 7 Space Saving Ideas To Apply

by Sneha
How to Organize Office Supplies at Work

You work in an office that is a disaster area. Papers are stacked on top of each other, in random piles, and in general, there is no system whatsoever to the way you keep your office supplies. You spend hours every month trying to stay on top of things. You desperately need a simple solution that will put everything in its place.

That's why it is essential to have a system in your office that organises all your supplies. Not only will this make it neat and tidy, but also an uncluttered workspace leaves more room to manoeuvre and get your job done without distractions and mess.

Finding simple ways to organise an office is not hard. You just need to know where to start and how to go about it.

7 Space Saving Tips To Organize Office Supplies

There are many different ways that you can organise your office supplies. The way that you manage your office supplies is up to you. What's important is that you collect them somehow so you will be able to find what you need quickly when you need it. Here are seven ways to get your office organised to become more productive and neat for everyone!

1. Have A Go-To Guide To Follow

One of the best ways to get your office organised is having a "go-to" guide that you can turn to for help when managing your office supplies. Everyone in your office needs to understand the system you are using for organising your supplies.

Therefore, create a simple printed guide that tells your employees exactly how you organise your office supplies. This way, they will be able to help you whenever you need it.

2. Use Storage Boxes or Bins

One of the main reasons people lose control of their office supply organisation is because they simply do not keep everything in its place. As things pile up, it becomes increasingly difficult to find what you are looking for.

This way, one of the first things you should do whenever you organise your office supplies is to put everything into storage bins or boxes. Doing so allows you to always know exactly where to look for whatever it is you need.

Small things like pens, highlighters, notepads, and staple wires can all go in one or two containers that can be placed in one area of the office where it is easily accessible to everyone.

3. Group Supplies Based On Use

As you can see, the way you organise your office supplies is largely up to you. However, there are a few items that almost everyone groups together. Let's start with the most commonly used items, including pens, pencils, highlighters, staplers, hole punches, and paper clips. These items should be grouped together in one container or bin.

Next, let's discuss items such as file folders, legal pads, envelopes, and index cards. These items also belong in one central location, so they can be easily accessed by anyone who needs them.

Next, we have items like mechanical pencils, address books, phone books, and reference books. These should all be put in a different container than the ones mentioned above. This is just an example, but the idea is to have all similar items grouped together in one container.

4. Label Everything That Cannot Be Seen Immediately

You should also label each bin or box with a clear label that lists exactly what it contains. This will prevent employees from rummaging through each one to find what they are looking for.

Moreover, containers inside the box that are not transparent or does not immediately show what it contains should have a label on the outside specifying what it contains. This saves time searching for essential items and ensures no one gets frustrated looking for the supplies they need.

5. Have An Office Supply Tracking System

A huge mistake most offices make is not keeping track of their office supply stocks properly. Therefore, you should also establish an office supply tracking system, so you know exactly how much of each product you have on hand at all times.

You should do this by having a complete inventory list where the office supplies are stored and included in the guideline. Employees should mark what supplies they took, when, and the quantity.

This system will save you from overspending on one supply or the other and is especially useful for supplies that expire, like ink cartridges or stamp pads.

6. Dedicate A Specific Area For Office Supplies

After implementing all these guidelines, you should dedicate a specific area in your office for storing office supplies. If possible, this area should be separate from your working space, so it does not become an interruption or a distraction.

You can use a closet, a partitioned off area, or even an entire room if necessary. Whatever you choose, make sure it is clearly marked as an office supply storage area and that everyone knows not to mess with it.

By doing this, you will ensure no one interferes with your organised system, and you will be able to access your office supply needs easily. Having a dedicated area for storing office supplies will go a long way in keeping your office running efficiently and smoothly. It will also help to ensure you do not run out of any essential supplies.

7. Lessen Clutter and Invest In Space Savers

Another important aspect of keeping your office clutter-free is by using space savers. The goal of organising office supplies is to drastically lessen clutter in the office and save space. If office supplies are located in random locations, not only will everyone feel annoyed that they can not find what they are looking for, but also it will eat up space that could be used for other purposes.

The Bottom Line

Most people spend 90% of their time at work. If you can improve how you organise your work area, you will improve your overall quality of life. This means more time focusing on productive tasks and less time lost due to stress leading to a higher quality of work. Overall, having an office supply organisation system benefits the person managing the supplies and all the workers at the office!
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