Resuming Ofice after Covid-19 Lockdown
25 May 2020

How To Resume Office After Covid-19 Lockdown?

by Sneha

The impact of COVID-19 is indeed unprecedented and every single employee is confused about how to resume to work. Here are a few simple safety precautions that you need to take before resuming to work at your workspace.

The pandemic has pushed almost the whole IT industry to work from home and all the employees are already convenient with this sequence. It will look obviously different when everything comes back to the NEW normal. When the employees resume working at office spaces or co-working spaces after the COVID pandemic, there will be some notable differences in the workspace.

Things to note when you resume after the pandemic

Few things that will show a drastic change are:

  • All the meeting rooms and cafeteria might be closed, or you can expect fewer chairs in those areas. This will ensure that there is less interaction with colleagues.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing the office will happen periodically in the workspace premises. Ensure that your organization does it more frequently, else ask them to impose that as a practice.
  • Minimal and critical employees will be asked to come to workspace whereas others will remain to work from home. This step is to reduce employees traveling from one place to another where they are exposed to the public.
  • While you use the co-working spaces, the meetings and conferences might still happen in the same way through video calls. Every employee will continue to stay at their dedicated workstations inside the office premises and take the calls.
  • Companies may enforce compulsory masks and sanitizers to the employees and regular screening of the temperature will happen at the office.
  • Another crucial factor is the ventilation. There needs to be suitable ventilation in the workspace. The workspace cannot be air-conditioned, hence temporary ventilation must be fixed.
  • The co-working space must provide a breathing apparatus in case of any emergencies and the company must be well-prepared for it.

Appropriate lighting arrangements must be made inside the premises to avoid any physical hazards.

Adapt to the new normal

Overall, you will have a new working atmosphere post-pandemic and it will be the new normal that you will be getting adjusted to. Employees returning after the long work from home will face a major difference, but it should be handled with care.

The employees should also take care of the transportation because that is going to be the riskiest part of the job. Frequent washing of hands and using sanitizers can help a lot.

Carry your own stationery items from home and avoid getting contaminated in the office workspace. Stay safe and let’s adapt to the NEW NORMAL after the pandemic.

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