26 May 2021

10 Tips To Stay Cool In Office During Summer

by Sneha
How to Stay Cool in the Office During Summer

Summer heats up the atmosphere which in turn increases our body temperature and makes us sweat. This can lead to many physical and mental issues including digestive disorders, skin irritation, mood swings, etc. So hot climate disturbs the smooth functioning of the employees in the office and disrupts their productivity and work output.

In this article, we bring you ten awesome tips to combat the summer heat and stay cool in the office.

1. Wear appropriate clothes

Light colored and cotton clothes are preferred to be worn during summer seasons as these materials absorb the sweat and evaporate it into the atmosphere quickly than any other fabrics. As the evaporation process is a surface phenomenon, it provides a cooling sensation to our body.

2. Use of efficient light bulbs

Generally, incandescent bulbs emit a large amount of heat to its surroundings i.e around 90% of their energy is wasted in the form of heat. This can be avoided by substituting this with either fluorescent or LED bulbs and a lot of money can be saved.

3. Employing small fans

A lot of heat is generated in office works which involve sitting for long hours in a particular place. We can place our own fans in the office and direct it towards our working area. Miniature fans running with very low power can be used wherever in the office as it is portable and easy to handle.

4. Drinking lots of water

We sweat a lot during summer, a considerable amount of water content is lost from our body through transpiration which makes us weak and causes many health issues. So it is recommended to hydrate our self by drinking a lot of water while at office thereby making us cool and prevent health risks.

5. Food consumption

It is important to have concern over the amount and the choice of food one consumes as it plays a major role in heating the body. We can switch to a smaller meal rather than going for a heavy meal during office lunch and certain food that cools the body can also be included.

6. Opening and closing of windows

During a hot sunny day, it is advised to keep the windows closed to prevent the transfer of hot waves carried by the atmospheric air inside the office. But at the evening, as the weather changes, windows can be opened to cool the office with the chill breeze.

7. Cooling wrists

There are special cold zones in our body when cooled provides an overall cooling effect throughout the body. The wrist is an important cooling zone and it is sprayed with water to produce a cooling effect. Wrist bands are also used to reduce the heat stress.

8. Use of Ice

Ice can be used as a cheap and effective catalyst to absorb the excess heat from our body surface. Breathing into a cup of ice will give a fresh and moist feel. Combining the ice with the above said miniature fans would boost the cooling effect.

9. Avoiding hot beverages

The use of caffeine has now become common among workplaces as it is used as a stress buster during busy office days. But it has a lot of side effects and rise in temperature being a major one. During hot seasons, it is better to replace caffeine with some cold drinks as it doesn’t aggravate the already built hot situation.

10. Step out from the office

The most effective way among all these is to step out from the office for some fresh air during breaks to get a soothing effect thereby making oneself cool.