Staying Motivated While Working From Home
21 June 2020

6 Ways To Stay Motivated While Working From Home

by Teena

It’s a norm now, work from home amid Covid-19 pandemic is a fortunate option for the working class around the globe. Remote work offers flexibility to employees in terms of location. The norm with great advantages certainly is not left with challenges.

Remote work may feel strange and to maintain focus is a challenging task. Isolation and unproductivity in the home office environment are natural. To stay motivated in such a scenario may not be a cakewalk but it is also far from impossible to overcome. Few simple adjustments and remote work will turn out to be a self-motivation for the working class.

1. Exercise Patience

Not everything goes the way you want, and sometimes nothing goes that way. Eventually, it might be happening with you, so exercising patience is the foremost thing you can do.

Sometimes when you are in a video conference, your child decides to catch the puppy you have with a lightsaber around the house. Most of the time technology glitches. This happens to everyone who is working from home, you are not alone.

Understanding everyone’s circumstances and being patient is only a way out here. You may have heard this remedy most of the time – but it still rings together.

2. Let’s stay connected

More than ever, you have to find ways to stay connected. If you are not that heavy user of social media before, it’s time to upgrade yourself in this sector. To stay-in-touch and to share updated information with clients, colleagues and customers. It is the best alternative nowadays.

Video calls are the most frequent tool used via various social media platforms and is the best way to connect virtually. This saves your time and helps you to respond faster in the pandemic situation.

3. To be professional and responsive

The last point brings this new outlook. Pyjama definitely offers you comfort, but dressing like daily office days signifies that you are at work. Video calling requires professionalism and dressing at the utmost matters.

You may complain about distraction while working remotely, be it a visual distraction or any other distraction as such. Find a focused place to work and arrange the sort of same cubicle outlook you had in your office premises.

We all can witness the crisis, precisely the economic crisis due to this sudden outbreak. Being more responsive is not your choice anymore, it’s a mandate now. Staying on top of your social messages is more necessary than ever.

4. Organized in unorganized

In an unorganized environment, how to be organized?

Being motivated in remote working culture has a direct relationship with the adoption of an organized work style in an unorganized work environment. A dedicated workspace at your home offers a ‘working’ environment like your office.

Comfort can be achieved by scheduling your routine for the day. Calmness is guaranteed when the workspace is clutter-free. Setting up a screen and chair will create a position where you can promote your posture and a sense of motivation at work can be achieved.

5. Reward Yourself

Try to reward yourself for completing the work in due time, this will motivate and encourage you to do your work with utmost effort. For instance, tell yourself that you can catch up with your favorite series after the work hours or see a movie you’ve been longing to watch, continue with your guitar lessons, and so on. This simple trick can influence your mind to help get work done efficiently and on time.

6. Take regular breaks

Obviously, you will get exhausted while working continuously. To tackle this avoid notifications, calls, and checking mailboxes when you take a mini-break. Recharge yourself by doing something which can boost your overall productivity. Chatting with a family member is one of the ways to clear your mind.

Work from home offers various advantages to the working-class as like during office hours you will not have any time to commute. With greater flexibility, more autonomy is available, so time management is your sole responsibility.

Work from home can lead to a better work-life balance. Ultimately, motivation can be achieved working remotely through these small adjustments and great advantages available.