22 June 2021

Must Have Office Equipments (Based on Category)

by Sneha
Must Have Office Equipments

An office is a place where all great things happen. Most of the new tech you see from big corporates, the new product, services, and platforms are thought of in offices. Having the right equipment and the work environment is extremely crucial for efficient work and time management.

Just Imagine having a computer but no keyboard, will you be able to get any job done with that? Absolutely not. The same logic works for the office supplies, you need to have the required equipment at your workplace or else your workforce will be rather inefficient. Having an office equipped with adequate equipment contributes to a favorable work environment too, it eases the job for the employees and the bosses.

Deciding on what office equipment you need can be a difficult task, while different equipment is needed depending on the type of work you do there.

In this article, we will be telling you about some must-have office equipment which are needed in almost every office irrespective of the type of work you do. So lets dive in!

Office equipment that every office should have

We will be classifying office equipment into 5 categories i.e Technology, Stationery, Furniture, and Essentials. These are wide categories that will include the most commonly used office equipment.


Technology accessories are something every office needs to have. You need to keep a regular check of what new office tech is coming up and how useful it can be for your organization. Most of such equipment can ease the work and is known to save time.

The world has shifted to computers and machinery a long time ago, the involvement of technology in work has been increasing rapidly. Having the latest and updated technology at work is extremely crucial.

Here is a list of technological equipment you need:

1. Printers

Even though the world is going paperless, the need for prints is huge. These prints are required for reports, important documents, letters, studies, data, and whatnot. The printer is one of the most widely used office equipment.

Most printers at an office are connected to one server where all the computers can send their files and get them printed.

2. Copiers

Copiers are very important for offices, copiers are used to make copies of the same document. These copies are required for various purposes like meetings, client proposals, analysis, etc.

3. Scanners

Scanners are used to Scan and produce high-quality digital images of documents. Scanners come in very handy when the hard copies of documents are available and need to be sent by email. The use of Fax machines at offices is slowly getting forbidden.

4. Shredders

Shredders might not look that important to many people, but they are crucial. A shredder is used to destroy documents or pieces of paper. When there is a document that will not be used further, you should destroy it asap to prevent any unwanted leak of information. Shredders prevent a lot of confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.

5. Projectors

Whenever there is a meeting, you need a bigger display to showcase your information, files, charts, and documents to everyone. A projector comes in very handy in such a situation.

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Stationery is used to organize and prepare all the documents, reports, special files, notes, letters, and literally everything that needs to be done on paper. Even though the world has been turning the digital way lately, paperwork is still in place, you need papers for many things.

Here are some stationery items you might need for your office:

You do not want to make your office look like a rainbow, however painting walls with some quirky colors give life to a boring office environment. A fresh coat of paint is a small investment that makes a huge difference in your business. It can be a mood booster if you choose the right splash of colors. If you want a clean elegant look, you can stick with neutral colors.

1. Pens, Papers, Pencil Sharpeners, and erasers

You want to write something? Well, in that case, you need a pen or a pencil. Even when we have mobile phones and tabs to take notes, pens and pencils still come in very handy.

2. Highlighter pens

These are used to highlight an important or special part in the text of a document or a report.

3. Paper Clips and Binder clips

These come in handy when you have to hold some papers together before finally putting them in order and presenting them.

4. Glue and Scissors

You may need to cut something and paste it on paper or a file, these works are often done in offices, and Glue and scissors serve the purpose.

You might also need these stationery items:

1. Stamps

2. Return address labels

3. Stationery/thank you notes/Sticky notes

4. Notepads

5. Printer paper

6. Envelopes (of all sizes)

7. Supplies for mailing packages

8. Printer ink/toner/cartridges

You may need to cut something and paste it on paper or a file, these works are often done in offices, and Glue and scissors serve the purpose.


Office furniture contributes to the overall look of the office. If the office is well set and provides a comfortable atmosphere to your employees, they automatically will work more efficiently and precisely.

Here is some furniture you should have in your office.

1. Desks with preinstalled drawers

These desks will be used to create a workstation for your employees

2. Chairs

Chairs should be chosen with utmost care since the employees and you are going to sit there for long hours. The chairs should have an ergonomic shape and adequate cushioning.

3. Bean Bags and couches

Might seem weird, but your staff deserves a break, during lunchtime and small breaks, these come in really handy to freshen up their mood.

4. Storage

There should be enough storage to hold office files and documents and also hold the surplus supplies, if these are not carefully held together, then they can create a huge mess.


These are the things that must already be on your mind since they are already very common. Anyways, you can check these:

1. Computers

One of the most essential things in an office, without a computer, there is hardly any work that can be done in today’s world. Computers are used for many purposes, like sending emails, creating reports, data, documents, files.

2. Internet

The Internet provides connectivity to literally any part of this world. You should have high-speed internet connectivity in your office to stay connected and organized.

3. Telephone

Your office should have a common number and a network of intercoms to quickly conduct on-call formal conversations and business talks.

4. First Aid kit and basic medicine

Humans are clumsy and prone to being unwell at times, there should be a sound availability of first aid and basic medicine in the office at the time of distress.
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An office is for everyone. While setting up an office, you should think for everyone and everything. Office accessories make it easier to complete office tasks quicker and faster. These were only some suggestions, the need for office equipment can vary a lot depending upon different types of work.

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