17 June 2021

10 Best Office Decorating Ideas on a Budget

by Adam
Budget friendly office decorating ideas

It’s no secret that the environment you are working in plays a major role in how you perform your duties and tasks. Your office is like your second home since you spend more than half of your day there, so it should be inspiring to enjoy being there and work productively.

Your office ambience can make a huge difference in creating a happy and healthy workplace. We have come up with some of the most practical and budget friendly office decorating ideas to help you make positive changes in your office. Let’s dive in:

1. Pay attention to the lighting

Employees already strain their eyes staring at the laptops and computer screens most of the time. So don’t make it worse by limiting lights in your office as it not only affects their eyesight but also affects their productivity.

You can really create a warm and inspiring environment with some great sources of bright white light like table lamps, LEDs, accent lighting, fluorescent bulbs. There are tons of options to choose from that also goes with office décor.

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2. Bring in some greenery

Greenery can go a long way in making an office feel a little more lively. Plants help you keep feeling calm and clean the air plus they look pretty as well. Plant some live and baby plants in the office and see how amazing it turns out. The plus point of this decorating idea is that it takes low maintenance and is cheap as well. So you can replace old plants with new ones anytime you want.

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3. Go for a color theme

A definite color theme will give your office a professional outlook. However, don’t make it look like a wonderland by choosing dark and funky colors. Go for warm toned colors that stimulate employee’s creativity and most probably ones that your brand denotes. The sharpness of the colors should not be distracting, so try to use light colors like neutral color or white color and use dark color furniture with this theme to add sobriety to the office environment.

4. Add frames and paintings

Empty walls are not just boring but may also make the atmosphere very tense while working. Do not give your employees too much blank space to stare at. Add beautiful paintings and frames that hold your photos of achievements. You can also hang your company logo that will completely own the wall beautifully. You can start by hanging the pieces of your best work to inspire employees. It can be a great marketing tool as well.

5. Office furniture

The kind of furniture you have says a lot about your personality. That’s the one main reason why many companies invest in a good piece of furniture. You can add some trendy desks with drawers and chairs for your employees and comfy sofas for visitors. To make your office ambience more delightful and elegant, you can either go for the furniture that goes with the theme or you can invest in wooden furniture which gives a more professional look.

6. Focus on the entrance

The first impression is very important especially for those who are visiting your office to do business with your company. That’s why it is worth putting stress on the entrance while decorating your office interior. You can add a carpet and plants on each side of the door that will evoke a sense of positivity in your visitors as soon as they enter your office. You can also add some funny elements to entertain your guests while they are waiting at the reception.

7. Paint

You do not want to make your office look like a rainbow, however painting walls with some quirky colors give life to a boring office environment. A fresh coat of paint is a small investment that makes a huge difference in your business. It can be a mood booster if you choose the right splash of colors. If you want a clean elegant look, you can stick with neutral colors.

8. Keep things organized

One of the most important things that you must consider is to keep the clutter away and have enough storage boxes and shelves to keep the things organized. Unorganized things can have negative effects on the productivity of your employees. So make sure that you have enough storage options and also, ensure that everyone keeps items in an appropriate place after using them. This way your office has a positive effect on everyone and will definitely keep productivity high.

Wrap up:

So, these are some office decorating ideas on a budget that will surely make your office look elegant and professional. In addition, also make sure that the office is free from noise and pollution to avoid distraction and an unhygienic environment.