Maintaining Proper Personal Hygiene In The Workplace
15 May 2020

6 Ways To Maintain Proper Personal Hygiene In The Workplace

by Adam

You should keep yourself clean in order to remain healthy and fit. Most people think that personal hygiene and health are not part of the personality, but it does have a noted impact on the impression you are going to create in your workplace.

Workplace hygiene is not only about keeping your desk clean, it's about how you appear. To be confident and avoid any embarrassment among the colleagues, you should take care of your hygiene. Here are 6 ways to maintain a proper and healthy personal hygiene at all times.

1. Regular Showers

Do not skip a shower, not even for one day, especially if you live in a humid place.

Bathing just not helps you to remove the lousy odour but also makes you appear fresher and more active, keeps you away from all types of skin diseases, and maintains the pH value of the skin.

It would be better if you can use some after-shave or roll-on deodorants to the subtle fragrance.

2. Oral care

Personal hygiene is not just limited to being perfect from outside, it is always important to take care of your dental health. It’s important that you maintain a healthy and clean mouth in order to ensure personal hygiene at work.

Milk-based products like tea and coffee cause lousy breath; therefore, limiting them to a bare minimum could help. You can also keep some mints handy.

Bad breath could be the most embarrassing, even after brushing twice daily, there are some problems that only a dentist can help you to fix, it is better if you can visit the dentist at least once or twice a year.

3. Washroom Hygiene

All the offices have housekeeping staff, but keeping washrooms clean is also your duty. You should also wipe the toilet seat every time you use it.

It is vital to wash your hands after every washroom visit to be healthy.

4. Keep your desk clutter-free

Cleanliness leads to Godliness!

Keep your workstation, cabin, and desk neat, clean, and well organized. It will also help the housekeeping staff to dust and sanitize your workplace easily and you will also get all your things in place so that there is no stress of finding them.

Well maintained and clean cabin also shows that you are a sorted person and work with responsibility.

5. Clean and Neat Hands

Now you are going to join your office after the extended quarantine, keep the presence of COVID-19 in your mind.

Always wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer, keep sanitizer and tissue paper on your desks.

To live a healthy life, you should wash your hands before the consumption of food and drinks.

6. Avoid cologne

Lots of people working with you might be allergic to colognes and perfumes, that's why it is advised not to use hard scents. If you like to use it, then we suggest you go with high-quality perfume with a lighter smell.

That's how you can maintain your hygiene at the workplace. Still, the employees are not the only ones who need to be held liable for keeping the workplace clean, a well-furnished office also contributes to better performance, we at Trans Asia Cyber Park provide spectacularly designed and furnished offices for rent.

You will be working with your colleagues in a particular area or cubicle inside your office, hence personal hygiene is a must, as it ensures that your mind and body are healthy, and helps you to perform well.