Prerequisites to set up an Office Space
28 December 2019

Prerequisites to set up an Office Space

by Sneha

It can be tricky to make sure that you have absolutely everything that you might need from day one, when setting up and office space. The right office space is very crucial and it can make a difference in the success of your business. It is critical to discover what your business needs in a space and get it right. Doing so can establish efficient workflow and focus in work for you and employees.

If you are relocating to a fully furnished office space or unfurnished office space, the problem of getting everything set up and ready to go can be even more stressful, especially if you try to do it all over within a short time span.

To organise yourself and set up an office space, a short and simple checklist is probably the most important tool that you can use. Remember to arrange and prioritise your checklist so that the most important elements that make up your business requirements are dealt with first. Of course, some things that are must-haves to one business will not be as significant to another. It depends on the type of work your company does.

Use this short checklist to ensure optimal office setup for your trade. The checklist covers the basic steps to start with, along with those few extra touches that will take your workplace from “this will work” to “this is great.” While all of these points may not be applicable to you and your business, and you may find yourself needing to compromise on certain points, it is still useful to work through the list and consider your needs.

Picking the Right Space

  • The first step is to discover an office space. Decide if your business can workout as a home-based office or if you need to purchase or rent a new space. You can receive assistance for finding an office space on magicbricks or 99acres websites that provide assistance finding commercial office space.
  • Make sure that the new office space you plan to buy or lease is up to law and in the correct zoning. Before you start operating in your new space, it is important to make sure your business is legally allowed to work there.
  • Determine if the space is the right size for your business. Aside from being large enough to fit you and your employees for day-to-day operations, it also needs to be small enough to keep your costs low.
  • Another important factor is the location of the property. Is the area your office space is located in safe and accessible for employees and clients? Make sure to note adequate parking and handicap accessibility too.

Furnishing and Equipments

  • List down the office equipment you will need to operate and whether you will be having these items. This may include machines such as computers, phones, air conditioners, printers, fax machines and copiers, as well as daily necessities such as paper, notepads and pens.
  • How will you create your workstations? Take into account where each employee will be working and what sort of layout your commercial workspace can lodge.
  • Positioning and placement of electronics and furniture in your office space is significant. Consider the office windows for lighting and possible glare they could have on computer screens. Also, place the items where they are needed, such as paper near the printer and filing near the mailbox. Place any work items you don’t use on a regular basis out of sight.
  • Storage and filing is an important aspect to any business operation. Offsite long-term storages are available relatively cheaper, if there is not adequate storage space in your office. Consider stackable systems that reduce clutter. Using wastebaskets must be encouraged for the disposal of unnecessary documents and useless wastes.
  • Ensure each workspace is getting appropriate light placement to avoid eye strain. Windows should be installed at appropriate spaces to reduce energy wastage during daytime.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Allocate an area in your space that is suitable for meeting with clients or employees. It doesn’t have to be large or separate from the rest of your space but you should give it a polished impression.
  • Is there a decent reception area? Whether or not there is a reception desk or waiting room, the space where guests enter must be organized and welcoming.
  • Setting up phone and internet systems needs to occur early in the process. Be sure the space you are choosing has the right utilities available, such as lan phone connectivity and access to fast broadband internet.