Things To Consider When Renting A Commercial Office Space
18 April 2020

Things To Consider When Renting A Commercial Office Space

by Sneha

Choosing an office space can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Everyone wants to choose an office space that can support their employees and help you to grow and flourish. By being clear about your requirements and asking the right questions, you can find office space that is perfect for your business. Let's look at some of the things one should consider before renting an office space.

1. Cost and Budget

Cost is a very big concern for many when it comes to renting an office space. So get in touch and consult an expert who can guide you through the whole process and make it easier for you to choose. List out your business requirements and determine your budget for rent and a plan that will help you rent an office space that fits into your financial budget. Always be precise and clear about your budget in this process. Never ever choose an office space that can put you down financially and stunt your business growth. Be firm in your requirement to stay within a budget that suits you and your business needs.

2. Location

Once you determine your budget, it's time for you to choose the location where you want to rent an office space. No matter the business, the location of your office is very important. Always look for an office in a location that’s easy to commute to and convenient for both employees and the clients. Ensure that the office location is accessible by all modes of transport and must have connectivity to other important areas so that your team and client can get to the office without any trouble. Also keep an eye on the reputation of the location you choose as it can affect your business reputation.

3. Office Space and Amenities

The space inside the office and its amenities are vital when it comes to choosing an office space. You should have a clear idea about the space you need for the business and employees. Avoid renting a small office space to save money as a jammed office space can negatively impact your employees productivity. But also you don't want to rent a big office and pay for those unnecessary extra spaces.

Also be mindful of the facilities that are included in your lease contract like super fast internet, cafeteria, conference room, good seating facilities, printers and so on. You must know what's included in your monthly rent and what's not. You must confirm and ensure that the office space has adequate ventilation, electricity back up, good natural lighting, toilets etc. Employees like to work in offices where they have access to various other amenities like restaurants, cafes, meeting spaces within their own premises or somewhere close by. So try to rent an office space that offers easy access to these places as it will be useful to both your employees and visitors.

4. Lease Period

Upon finalising the office space, you will have to sign a lease contract to finalize the deal. But before you sign the dotted line you must have decided if you want to pay the rent on a monthly basis or yearly basis. The length of the lease is another factor you should not overlook if you don't want to get into any long term commitment here. Also, to ensure that your current financial status is considered, read the terms and conditions of the lease thoroughly before you sign the agreement.

5. Security

Before you finalize the office space, it is only fair to make sure that the location is safe and secure. Look for office spaces or buildings that have 24x7 surveillance with proper safety and security measures in place. There should be CCTV cameras and recording facilities in and around the office premises for real-time information tracking from anywhere and anytime. Enquire if the building has a security guard and other safety protocols to keep you, your employees and your equipment safe and secure at all times.

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