16 September 2021

Different Types of Office Spaces

by Adam
 Types of Office Spaces

An office space is an important aspect of the company culture. There are many types of office spaces, depending on the needs of the company. For example, an organization might need a quiet place with few distractions for their workers to get work done. Another company may need an office space where people can collaborate in an open environment.

Depending on your company's needs and goals, you'll need to find an office space that suits your employees best.

With that said, here are the different types of office spaces you can choose from:

1. Traditional office space

Traditional office spaces are known as the most basic and fundamental type of office layout. Traditional offices typically have a more formal work environment and are mostly used by companies that provide financial services, such as hedge funds, banks, or law firms.

Such measures are then reviewed to analyze any required improvements or changes to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency among teams and individuals.

Advantages of traditional office space:

Professional environment: With traditional office space, you always have a professional atmosphere where you can bring your clients, hold meetings and work with colleagues.

Collaboration: The advantage of the office area is that there is a real place where staff can get together and talk about ideas.

Complete control of the workplace: With traditional offices, you have full control over your work environment. All employees have the same tools and resources. You also have the ability to customize the layout of their workspace.

Privacy: Traditional offices also offer privacy, which is something that a lot of people value these days.

2. Contiguous office Space

Contiguous office space is a collection of multiple office spaces or suites that are all located within the same building.

The office spaces are situated adjacent to one another. They don't need to be on the same floor and can be above or below one other. They are usually combined and rented to a single tenant most of the time. For example, a company may decide to lease more than one level of a building depending on the needs of the company.

Contiguous office space is usually rented by big corporations that need numerous workstations or offices for the various divisions of their organization to function properly.

Advantages of Contiguous office Space:

Fewer distractions: These office kinds are excellent to reduce distractions in the workplace since fewer individuals usually occupy them.

Meeting space: A big meeting space with modern boardrooms and a conventional one can be arranged.P0

3. Creative Office Space

Creative office spaces are offices that have been designed to inspire creative thinking, flexibility and collaboration among the employees. They usually fall outside of a traditional office layout and include collaboration zones, free-flowing spaces, and a variety of furniture options.

Creative office spaces can give your employees a sense of belonging and ownership. The environment can be customized to adapt to different needs, and the office layout could be changed every so often so that employees never get bored of their surroundings.

Advantages of Creative office spaces:

Improves Productivity: Creative office space can increase employee productivity and creativity. It can also help to reduce the risk of burnout and improve the quality of work.

Elevates Mood:When you are in a work environment that gives out a positive vibe, your mood will simultaneously improve.

Enhances Imagination:Open, uncluttered spaces allow the mind to be more creative. The openness of the environment and the ability to work anywhere you want help to invoke imagination.

4. Coworking office

A coworking space is a shared work environment, where individuals and organizations rent office space or membership.

A typical coworking space offers its members a range of flexible work arrangements such as hot desking, dedicated desks, private offices and conference rooms. Members typically get access to shared office equipment such as fax machines and photocopiers.

Many budding entrepreneurs choose coworking spaces because they offer a low-cost option for starting a company with all the necessary equipment and amenities needed for business operations. Coworking spaces also provide people with more flexibility when it comes to their monthly rent payments which only require an up-front fee.

Advantages of coworking spaces:

Diversity: A coworking space may be excellent for those who get fuelled by people and a large, flexible common area used by many employees and industries.

More networking opportunity:One of the most appealing aspects of a coworking space is the ability to meet new and like minded people.

Cost Effective:Coworking spaces allow you to pay only for the space you need, when you need it.

5. Virtual Office

A virtual office space is one where the business does not have an actual physical presence, but is accessible through the internet or telephone lines. Virtual office space is becoming increasingly popular among freelancers, small businesses, and start-ups.

A virtual office space can also be a great option for businesses that are just starting out. If you are about to launch a new business venture but are on a budget, you can rent a virtual office space for a small amount of money. A virtual office space can give you the business address you need while you are working to get your business off the ground.

Advantages of virtual spaces:

Saving money and maintaining an online position: Aside from saving money on rent, it allows organizations to establish and maintain an online presence in a prime position.

Best for startups: Virtual office is the best option in the current times for small businesses and individuals

No long-term commitments:Virtual offices do not require a long-term commitment and lock-in period.

6. Executive Suites

Executive suites are fully serviced work spaces that are nested within an entire floor that has been leased to another company. There is no standard size or layout for an executive office suite, but they will always have at least one reception area and multiple smaller meeting rooms for use by its tenants.

The size of an executive office suite will depend on the needs of the tenant company and the availability of space within a building.

7. Home Office

Home offices are perfect for those who enjoy having flexible hours and working from anywhere as long as they have internet access. It is mostly preferred by startup founders and freelancers.

Working from home has a number of advantages, including no travel time, no additional office space costs, and the ability to work from the comfort of your own home.


In the past, the most common type of office space was a regular office with cubicles. This is not the case anymore. There are a myriad of different types of office spaces to choose from. Your choice of office space will depend on various factors including cost, size, and what you’re going to be using the space for.

Finding new office spaces can be daunting. You have to find the right location, the right facilities and the right price.

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