07 August 2021

Vastu for Office: Tips for Growth & Prosperity at Work

by Adam
Vastu for Office: Tips for Growth & Success at Work

Vastu is a term that has significant importance for many of us. Vastu means house, and it is the shastra that is based upon arranging the five elements i.e., earth, water, fire, air, and sky in complete harmony, which is believed to be the source of good luck and fortune. People have laid strong faith in Vastu since ancient times, and it is since then, Vastu Shastra or simply Vastu has been implemented as a practice in our daily lives.

In this article, we’ll be discussing Vastu Shastra for offices and workplaces. Workplaces are of extreme importance to all of us, and so is taking good care of them. We put our hard work there, and we hope that it comes back to us in the form of fortune and good luck. Vastu is crucial for the dwelling of good fortune, and that precisely is our topic of discussion today in this article.

Does Vastu really work?

To be honest, there is no certain way of determining whether Vastu works or not. However, it is all about the beliefs and the faith that we put into it. Think of Vastu as an extra measure for your hopes of good luck and prosperity. Vastu Shastra helps us keep things organized at our workplace and our home so that we can work in the best possible environment and dedicate ourselves entirely to whatever we’re doing.

Vastu for Office Boss Cabin

According to Vastu principles, southwest is the best direction for office boss cabins and should be designed or built in the south or western part of the office. The boss or business head should sit facing the north-east direction as it is believed to develop patience, courage and decisiveness.

As mentioned earlier, Vastu is all about beliefs and the practice of arranging ourselves and the things around us in harmony with the five elements. It is believed that practicing Vastu channels positive energy in our surroundings and repels or expels the negative energy. It is important to practice Vastu in the office cabin for maximum prosperity and fortune.

Vastu for Office Seating

As per Vastu Shastra, east or north-east is the best direction to sit in the office as it helps improve productivity and work performance. Practicing Vastu for office seating and seating arrangements is of equal importance as it is for office cabins. It doesn’t matter what kind of office or workplace it is; growth is likely to come about when the right Vastu Shastra is followed in all manners.

According to Vastu principles, entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east, or northeast direction. The principle behind this is simple. The sun rises in that direction and growth will likely come about in the directions of those who sit facing that way. Regardless of the post or the type of work one does, sitting facing the north, east, or northeast direction is significantly considered auspicious.

Similarly marketing professionals should face the north-east direction to be more dynamic and proactive at their work.

Accounting professionals should sit in the south-east direction of the office and face the north-east direction to achieve more success and wealth.

Important Vastu Tips for Office

Now let’s take a look at some top Vastu tips recommended by experts for growth and prosperity at the workplace:

• The office should be in a place that stays busy and crowded throughout the day. Populated residential areas might be good places to set up offices. It is advised to avoid places that seldom get busy as a choice for setting up offices.

• North is an apt direction for setting up a workplace. Office buildings that face north are said to be full of positive energies and are destined to prosper at a good pace.

• North is also the direction of Kuber, the deity of money. Seating arrangements made in a manner that faces the north direction are considered to be auspicious and good for trade businesses.

• Cabins for people that have the authority in offices should be in the west direction facing the north/northeast direction for maximum positive energy flow.

• The entrance of your office/workplace should be in the north/northeast/northwest direction.

• As for the office desks, they are best when placed in a spot facing north or east. One more important thing to be aware of in this case is that the desk should be made of wood and if possible superior quality wood. Desks made of glass and metals aren’t recommended for offices and workplaces.

• Vastu says to keep stuff related to work like files, documents, and folders on the left side of your office desk when it is placed in a direction facing north.

• Similarly, files and folders should be kept on the right side of your desk if it is placed in a manner where it is facing the east direction.

• Aside from the best direction for the office desk and its material, its shape and size are also crucial in the eyes of Vastu. An ideal office desk should be of rectangular shape with regular proportions. A square-shaped table would also do.

• There are certain things you should avoid doing at your workplace, your office desk to be precise. You should not eat on your workstation’s desk or table as that is considered disrespectful in a way, and Vastu Shastra forbids it. Also, your office desk should be clean and tidy all the time.

• One other thing you should avoid doing on your office desk is placing images or statues of the deities you worship on it, the main reason being that those deities are highly respected and valued in Vastu, and you should not be placing them somewhere that is concerned with a regular day to day lifestyle.

• You should also avoid lazing off and doing unnecessary things unrelated to your work on your office desk or in your office cabin.

• Files and important work-related documents should be stored in the western sides of the office building walls. The northeast direction is also a decent choice in this case.

• Important work resources/funds, for example, cash should be stored in the southwestern part of the office, as it is said to be a steady direction that will keep your money stable and safe.

• Important work resources/funds, for example, cash should be stored in the southwestern part of the office, as it is said to be a steady direction that will keep your money stable and safe.