15 December 2020

Why Choose an Office Space in Kochi?

by Reshma
Why Choose an Office Space in Kochi

With a population of 6,77,381, Kochi is a city on the south-west coast of India and is famously known for being a port city. Kochi, or otherwise known as Cochin, is a city in Kerala's state in the district of Ernakulam.

It is the most densely populated and hence the most populous metropolitan city in Kerala. This port city which is also known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” is recognized as the financial, commercial, and industrial capital of Kerala with the highest GDP in the state. Kochi has all the major government institutions, and it is the home of many of the major companies such as HMT, Apollo Tyres, and many more.

Every business needs an office space with great amenities that can support their employees and help the company grow and flourish. Since Kochi is one of India's most advanced cities, it has grown to become a hotspot for co-working spaces.

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How A Office Space In Kochi Will Help You Grow Your Business?

• It has zero capital investments and state of the art workspace, which has given the state a chance to invite 13 million working Indians to be accommodated in this lovely city.

• Kochi has made a groundbreaking step as the news of launching a facility by pan-Indian players like Awfis spread like wildfire.

• Bigger and bigger players are being drawn to this city, which would lead to a shift in competitive dynamics.

• People always go for pre-existing developed office space, for which Kochi is the best place as more than 5O startups are already functioning in this city.

• More and more spaces are being created for office or other recreational purposes.

• According to recent studies, the rate of growth of co-working spaces is very high in tier 2 metros such as Kochi.

• MNCs and SMEs prefer Kochi for their co-working spaces more than startups; this has come forward as a big advantage.

• Operations are being set up in Kochi by a large number of companies

• Kochi is an ideal location for business capital.

• It has 4 incubators and co-working spaces across the state.

Kochi is emerging as one of the most preferred places for establishing offices due to its location, potential growth, and many other factors responsible for it being one of the top cities to call in the Indian working population.

Why Choose Trans Asia Cyber Park For Office Space In Kochi?

Trans Asia cyber park is a leading business centre in Kochi situated in Kerala’s most prestigious IT Park - Infopark Kochi. Some of the reasons why you should choose Trans Asia Cyber Park is given below:

• The office space design is spectacularly and intelligently laid out. Its design brings out the vision of a perfect working space.

• Trans Asia has the world’s finest amenities and is located in the prime location of Kochi.

• Trans Asia provides its customers with fully furnished office space at a reasonable rate. Furnished office spaces prevent wastage of time designing the office space, instead, it allows you to get back to work fast.

• Trans Asia also provides you an unfurnished office space so that you can design it based on your choice.

• Trans Asia business center allows you to have an ideal shared workspace.

• Trans Asia also provides flexible workspace, which will lead to global success.

• Trans Asia’s working space is equipped with super-fast internet, daily cleaning, micro-roasted coffee, 24/7 building access, private phone area, cafeteria, bus service, business-class printers, front desk service, unique common areas, mail and package handling, global network, ATM and green building.

• Trans Asia houses some of the top clients in the IT industry such as PiServe, DDG, Mari Apps. LSG, houseoftours.com, financial.com, Eynetech, DNA, Codelynks, Chillar, Auctor, Zinemind, Pemex infotech.

• Trans Asia Business Centre is located in an easily accessible location that is convenient for both employees and clients.

If you are looking to rent an office space in Kochi, then Trans Asia is the best choice since all our policies are designed to benefit the client. We provide you with the option to customize the office space based on your requirement. Our business centres have some of the promising start-ups and reputed MNC’s which gives you a great opportunity to interact, exchange ideas, build connections and grow your network.

Well, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get a free day pass to Trans Asia business centre.