25 October 2020

Why Is Co-working Spaces Better Than Traditional Office Spaces?

by Reshma
 Why Is Co-working Spaces Better Than Traditional Office Spaces?

In the year 2020, a large number of people started opting for co-working spaces in Kochi. From small businesses to large corporations, many people have experienced the benefits of co-working spaces. It offers flexibility, as well as many other benefits compared to traditional spaces. As more and more people are moving away from traditional office spaces, we should know the changes in co-working spaces that make this so better. Working in a co-working space has become a global trend, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits of co-working spaces over traditional office spaces.

1. Opportunities to Grow Your Network:

In co-working spaces, there will be many opportunities to grow your network, build connections within the community, and various events. These events will enhance the competence and work ethos of the team.

2. Increases Productivity of Employees:

The focus is on sharing in a co-working environment, but these spaces meet many other unique needs. When it comes to productivity, people can come together and get more work done because they work together in real-time. However, co-working spaces also provide private offices, and through these areas, co-working spaces deliver the peace and silence needed to work productively.

3. Lower Chances of Creating a Toxic Workplace:

A percentage of employees have reported that they work in a toxic workplace, due to which a considerable number of people are looking for other jobs. This unhappiness hurts the business, and a considerable amount of money gets wasted to replace an employee. Co-working places help battle this issue as it brings a new life to the company culture. By taking people out of their usual spaces, they can build more positive employee interactions and personal growth.

4. Cost Saving:

Compared to traditional working spaces, co-working space helps saves money to a large extent, as less money is spent on interiors, furniture, and fixtures. For new businesses, co-working spaces also provide an excellent image to their potential clients and help them attract top talent.

5. Community Engagement:

Employees who work in co-working spaces engage with each other more with constant activities and events. They avoid an ‘All work and no play’ culture. The employees celebrate all types of festivals to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

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6. Promote Business:

Working in traditional office spaces can influence the growth of a business. A company that outgrows its building may cut back on hiring and juggle their workspaces around to find rooms for meetings and conferences, leading to less productivity. However, co-working spaces change all that. People work together on building relationships and help the business to maximize its potential. This leads to increased productivity.

7. Change the Monotonous Lives of Freelancers:

A good portion of people who work in co-working spaces are freelancers, and they use the area as a place to meet with clients and collaborate with others on projects. These spaces also help them to escape the dull and monotonous environment of their home offices.

8. Easier Accessibility to Resources:

If you work in co-working spaces, you will have access to facilities such as beverages, snacks, high-speed WiFi, meeting rooms, recreational areas, etc. These facilities are available to the employees 24*7. When people work in these environments, they gain interest and try to make some good progress in their projects.

All in all, co-working spaces are for those businesses which look for collaboration. These spaces guarantee the clients a comfortable room and also ensure an environment appropriate to grow your business. If you are thinking of moving to such a setup, this is the right time as the economy is flourishing, and all the big corporations are moving to shared space.

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