Workspace Alterations to Boost Productivity
2 January 2020

Workspace Alterations to Boost Productivity

by Akshay

If you hate early morning beeps, you are not alone! Millions of people hate this daily ritual of setting their alarm clock an hour ahead so as to step into their working hours on time. If the workspace ambiance is not good enough, you will hate it even more and the lack of interest in work comes with a fall in productivity. Recently, companies are working on promoting a high-energy workday thereby increasing office space output by introducing smart office designs.

From Cubicle to Light

Cubicle workspace was introduced back in the 1960s with an aim to cram more employees without spending much in office space alterations. Organizations now consider how the working area affects the comfort of the employee. Airy spaces with amenities like coffee bars and a colorful surrounding not just enhances the identity of the brand but also makes it striking and thereby attracts top talents, which indirectly would reflect in the overall productivity of the organization. In addition, an exit from the cubical space can improve the health, productivity, satisfaction and the creativity of the employee.

Productivity Through Unity

Does the corner office and the spatial hierarchies suffocate your creative brain? Instead of organizing by their designation, arrange the employees by team or the functions they perform. This method can encourage employees to share their ideas and contribute to the fullest. Like a healthy society, a workspace must have a combination of employees with different skills, age limits, and proficiency levels so as to develop the office to an area where people are pleased working together.

Mix of Workspace

Companies differ from one another not just in their field of work but also in the facilities and workspace ambiance offered to their employees. An open workspace not just has its pros, but also has a number of cons if not executed properly. To make the open-layout work, try something different like a workspace mix where the office area could be bordered depending on the group of employees working inside the space. For example, put up a collaborative area for collective discussions, a closed zone for referring or for activities that might need focus, a casual area to relax and a call booth for small group gatherings and chats.

Bring in the Green

How about setting up a bit of nature within your workspace? According to researches, growing plant in and around your office space not just creates positive energy but also reduces stress, improves air quality and brightens up the mood, improving productivity. Not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a spacious and organic workspace but then a few curved edges can open the creative doors inside and help in more collaboration.

Setup a pleasant space where alarm beeps bother no more!