ZineMind is a global IT Services and a Product company delivering quality technology solutions to customers across varied industry domains. Being in the technology business for more than five years, they have matured into a Digital Transformation catalyst serving multiple SMEs and big enterprises. They enable their customers to stay ahead of the competition and technology trends with industry-specific solutions.

Zealogics offer end-to-end Automation & Performance testing services to accelerate customer business expansion by reducing business risks, achieving higher reliability and better returns on investment.

Velocis Technologies is based on the adage “Time Is Money.” They provide innovative solutions in a timely manner to enterprises seeking to improve establishment efficiency and increase mobility within existing applications through integration. They utilize decades of expertise to ensure a thorough understanding of all options available to accelerate ytheir project development. By clearly understanding the client’s expectations and learning about their vision for the project they are able to create a showpiece worthy creations.

Vector Digital Systems L.L.C is a dynamic and progressive Telecom & IT company with a clear objective to provide their clients with innovative and cost-effective business solutions through the efficient deployment and integration of information technology. Founded in 2009 Vector Technology specialized in Network, Switching, IT Infrastructure, Telecommunication, Software Development, Open Stheirce Solutions & Value added IT Product Distributon.

42Square is driven by people, not process. There are no leashes at 42Square. They work on flat, decentralized teams, each with decision-making authority. They have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively. They believe innovation and creativity happen when people have autonomy.They hire people who love the craft and have a tremendous passion for what they are doing.They bring in people who can teach us something. When people who love what they do have freedom and autonomy, magic happens. ​

Qaptive Technologies provide the Best-in-class software products for both mobile and enterprises. Every product released, comes out after rigorous testing and passing stringent quality standards that stand on par with international firms.

Pumex is a global information technology solutions company offering progressive end-to-end software development, mobile and theyb application development, e-commerce, technical support, testing, data & analytic consulting by combining their business domain experience. At Pumex they believe in building continuously evolving systems, products and applications. They help their clients to approach modernization without disrupting the user experience, thus making their jtheirney from legacy to digital a smooth one.

Prevalent AI was founded to assemble the world’s best Security Data Science talent. Their goal is to redefine security in terms of risk.

PiServe enctheirages and helps you to achieve the digital transformation by turning businesses smarter and systems productive. Being a service provider and leader in the application development and remote infrastructure management sector for close to a decade, they have helped many Fortune 100 companies deliver business values and proficiently completed more than 400 innovative projects.

Digital Design Group provides services throughout the United States. They incorporate innovative developers into their practice, as theyll as corporate and government organizations. At DDG, they provide solutions in BIM Drafting Services, Design, Construction, and IT services. Not only this, but they also specialize in collaborating with anything from design services to construction, architects, and contractors.

MariApps is a pioneer in providing digital solutions to the marine industry. The leading-edge maritime software from MariApps smartPAL, is vast and versatile. The flagship maritime ERP is the right choice for all ytheir ship management and ship owning needs.

LSG utilizes a hybrid of human legal bill review experts and software, drawing on over 15 years of experience offering these services to Fortune 500 companies and "household" names.

Their core focus has been to give their customers unparalleled experiences and they always go the extra mile to achieve it. With time, they continued to grow as per their customers’ demand which has sometimes been in the form of new products and sometimes in the form of new stations. During this memorable jtheirney, they did fall and commit mistakes, they did face competitions and complaints, but most importantly, over the years they learnt to improve from their customers’ thoughts and stood firmly by their values. They shall continue to learn and stand by their values which has been developed over a decade of their hospitality.

The active trader application from financial.com is a fully integrated Thomson Reuters market data terminal with trading functionality. They customize the platform to fit the needs of active traders and interface it with their broker’s Order Management System.

They will help you deliver high-quality support to their customers by providing their subject matter experts as their remote staff without expensive overhead.Their services are an extension of their business 24.7.365, which incredibly fosters growth in the long run by meeting and exceeding the service-level expectations of their customers.

BDNA is a unique technology solutions provider established in 2013 as a subsidiary of NCC Group. The company is built on international standards with the belief that the market is in dire need of a fresh, creative, up-to-date approach to the growing challenges that companies are facing on a daily basis.

Their technology strengths are among the best in the industry. They have worked on every possible technologies in mobile, theyb and native application development. And, they believe they can handle any size project no matter how complex the technologies are!

Brennan IT was started over 20 years ago because their founder, Dave Stevens, realised that Australian organisations could achieve much more - if only they could get to grips with their IT. Brennan IT was founded to provide Australian organisations with exactly what they need: independent expert advice, long-term support, and all the ICT services and solutions that they need in one place.

Started in 2013, they embarked on a jtheirney of working in the payment industry by leveraging technology. They understand that there is a huge gap bettheyen spending requirements and means and methods for a safer, cheaper and swift payment options which is suited for the users. They offer customized solutions for their customers with respect to payments solutions, with relevant products released in the market as theyll. Chillar Payment Solutions Pvt Limited has won many accolades in the first few years of Incorporation .

A highly competitive market needs cost savior expertise. Auctor Business Solutions just provides that. With over 15 years of experience in US residential Mortgage, they clearly have the edge, when it comes to swift decisions and expert assistance at a very cost-effective billing plan.These are not just words about us. This is what they do day in and day out. Auctor can take the load for you and let us assure you, the results will be pleasantly surprising.

AirlinePros International is an award-winning distribution and representation firm for airlines and travel suppliers. Their heritage started in the lucrative North American market, an area responsible for over 25% of the worlds issued airline tickets. In 2018 in response to significant demand from their client base, they decided to expand their business globally.

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