21 September 2021

Best IT Companies in Kochi

by Sneha
List of Top IT & Software Companies in Kochi

Kochi is known as the Queen of Arabian Sea and has always been one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. Kochi has a vast history and today it is one of the best IT and software hubs of India. The city is home to the IT giants like Cognizant, Wipro and is also the base for so many other foreign and domestic software companies.

There are many product-based companies as well as service-based companies in Kochi that provide high quality services to their clients.

Several IT businesses partnered with the Kerala Government to transform Infopark, Kochi into one of the largest IT parks in India.

Given the strategic location and the presence of a large pool of talented and inexpensive resources, there has been a large rise in the number of software and IT companies in the city.

With that said, here is the list of major IT and Software Companies in Kochi, Kerala. If you have a business of your own and want to know more about the IT industry in Kochi, or if you are a student who is looking for a job, or a jobseeker who wants to apply for a job in Kochi, then this list is just for you.

Top 15 Software and IT Companies in Kochi

QBurst Software Development, Big Data Processing, Machine Learning, Blockchain, AI, Web And Mobile Application Development, and Testing Solutions. 9th Floor, Lulu Cyber Tower, Infopark, Kochi
Cognizant Information Technology, Information Security, Business Consulting, ITO and BPO services. Infopark Phase 2, Kakkanad, Kochi
UST Global Digital Technology and Transformation, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Data Analytics and Engineering, IOT Engineering, Intelligent Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. Carnival Infopark Phase I, Kakkanad, Kochi
Fingent Web & Mobile Application Development, Product Development (SaaS), IoT (Internet of Things) and Enterprise Consulting and Software Development. Carnival Infopark Phase II, Kochi
IBS Software Business & Technology Consulting, Independent Software Testing, Application Development & Maintenance and Managed Services (Travel Industry) Carnival Phase 1 & 2 Infopark, Kochi
Tata Consultancy Services Application Development and Maintenance, Business intelligence, Enterprise solutions, Engineering and Industrial services, Consulting, Automation & AI, Cyber Security, Quality Engineering. Infopark Campus, Kakkanad, Kochi
Nielsen Market research, Insights & Consumer Data 3rd Floor, World Trade Center, Infopark, Kochi
HCL Technologies Digital, IOT, Cloud, Automation, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Infrastructure Management and Engineering Services. Ground Floor, Athulya SDB Block, Infopark, Kochi
Marlabs Digital Product Engineering, Digital Automation, Enterprise Analytics, Cloud, Digital Security and Digital User Experience. A Wing, Athulya Building Complex, Infopark SEZ, Kochi
Wipro IT services, Consulting, Information Systems Outsourcing, Software Application Development and Maintenance, R&D Services, BPO. Infopark, Kusumagiri, Kochi
Speridian Technologies Application Modernization, Digital Services, RPA & AI, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Infrastructure.
Digital Banking & Fintech Services.
3rd Floor, World Trade Center, Infopark, Kochi
Orion Innovation Application Development and Maintenance, Business intelligence, Enterprise solutions, Engineering and Industrial services, Consulting, Automation & AI, Cyber Security, Quality Engineering. Lulu Cyber Tower 1, Lulu Tech Park, Infopark, Kochi
SunTec Relationship-Based Pricing, Business Assurance, Predictive Analytics, and Product Management. Phase II, Carnival Infopark, Kochi
Inspirisys Solutions Limited Enterprise Security, Cloud, Internet of Things, Infrastructure, Product Engineering & Development and Warranty Management Services. 1st Floor Lulu Cyber Tower-1, Infopark, Kochi
Ignitho Technologies Rapid Application Development, Scalable Cloud Implementation, Microservices & API, and Mobile Application Development. Jyothirmaya, Infopark Phase 2, Kochi

Why is Kochi a Good Place for IT Companies?

Kochi is the hub of Kerala, the state with the highest literacy rate in India. The city boasts of an international airport, a world-class port, and a young and economically active population that has enabled it to grow into a cosmopolitan metropolis.

It is hands down, one of the best places for IT companies in terms of infrastructure, talent, etc. As far as infrastructure is concerned, Kochi ranks at the top along with Bangalore.The cost of living is also relatively low compared to other major Indian cities.

India's IT sector has been on the rise and Kochi is a good place for IT companies looking to establish themselves in the country. Kochi is not only a good place for IT companies but also for startups and entrepreneurs looking to set up their operations here.

Kochi holds a lot of potential for IT companies, especially because of its strategic location, infrastructure, connectivity and more . It is also an industrial and commercial city with many big companies like TCS, Cognizant, Wipro etc, setting up their base here.

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The Indian IT industry is booming like never before and Kochi has played an integral role in boosting the industry. We hope you found this list of top software companies in Kochi useful. This should be a pretty valuable list for anyone looking to get into the IT field or for those who are looking to know more about the IT industry here.

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