Why choose Kochi to start your own business
08 July, 2020

Why You Should Choose Kochi To Start Your Own Business

by Adam

Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in India and is the world’s most preferred holiday destination for both domestic and international tourists. “God’s Own Country” Kerala also has been a huge business potential since the colonial times. And Kochi is the financial and corporate capital of Kerala. With a 100% literacy rate, it leaves behind most of the Indian states in terms of industrial development and per capita income.

With Kerala emerging as the most preferred holiday destination, the government has made some very favorable policies and taken some stern steps to promote the state. This has opened up a lot of new avenues for investors and immense scope for the future. Kochi as an epicentre of all the major industries. It is renowned for its gold, silver and diamond jewellery, restaurants, coffee, spices, etc. with tourism topping the chart. Kochi allows trading and manufacturing in almost all items. Well if you are looking to start your own business and by any chance, you are in Kochi, you, my friend, are in the right place and we’ll tell you why.

What are the benefits of starting your business in Kochi?

• Plenty of options for investment

• Many rentable options in infrastructure

• Lots of option to expand and flourish

• Technically equipped city with all the modern-day itinerary

• A vivid culture which is suitable for many businesses such as crafts, handlooms, etc

Now let us have a look at some of these points in detail:

1. Investor friendly state policies

Kerala is one of the most investor-friendly states in India. The government with its famous Kerala Start-up Mission has given a major boost to the start-up sector. The main aim of this mission is to promote youngsters and students to develop their technical innovative skills, innovation being the thrust of any start-up. The government is giving many exemptions to these young entrepreneurs, thus promoting the culture of start-ups throughout the state. Cochin special economic zones provide one-stop clearance to all start-ups thereby making it hassle-free. The government’s Kerala Investment Promotion and Facilitation Act, 2018 has further made it easier to attract investment from both foreign and domestic investors. It offers simple clearance procedures and is free from redundant regulations. Approvals for businesses in Kochi are non-discretionary, local, fast, and automatic on fulfilling some predetermined criteria. It also permits a 100% FDI on local approvals.

2. 100% Literacy and High E-Literacy Rate and Lowest Rate of Employee Attrition

With a rate of 100% literacy, Kochi ensures a supply of skilled and educated workforce in a low-cost setting. Kochi has various software industries and various IT parks have opened up which also satiates your IT or software needs to set up your operation in the city.

Kochi has the lowest employee attrition rate of all. This will give you an edge over your domestic or international competitors who are struggling with bad employee retention and turnovers.

3. Low rental, water, and power tariff

Kochi offers a reliable infrastructure at a very low cost. The start-up costs are substantially lower. Rentals, power, water, transport along salaries are also very low thus keeping the operating cost lower as compared to other locations. For instance, the rate of uninterrupted power supply with exclusive feeder lines and transformers is INR 3.50 per unit.

4. Top-quality medical and educational facilities

Kochi has one of the best social infrastructures in India. All housing, shopping, schooling, medical, food, and banking facilities are available in the vicinity. This not only maintains your lifestyle here but also attracts a good investment opportunity in these areas.

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