15 September 2020

Why Is Kochi Called A Smart City?

by Adam
 smart city kochi

Kochi, which was previously known as Cochin, is a primary port city of India's southern coast. In recent times, Kochi is known as ‘SmartCity’ due to several reasons. The city was also included in the top 20 cities under the Centre’s Smart Cities Mission project held top 20 cities under the Centre’s Smart Cities Mission project by the government.

There are several reasons why Kochi received the honor of being known as a SmartCity. In this article, we have discussed the same and will guide you through the immense development of the Smart City- Kochi.

1. One of the leading telecom investment companies, TECOM, has selected Kochi as their dream project city. The company has already started the construction of various businesses in the city to build a global network.

2. Kochi has a total area of 246 acres, which is ideal to be a smart city. Also, Kochi is situated on the South-western coast of the country, which includes a major port to allow the transport of goods.

3. The geographical location of Kochi plays a vital role in being developed as a smart city. The intersection between East-West trade has been crucial during ancient times.

4. With geography comes history. The city's extroverted culture has attracted several business people around the world to stay in the area and develop business in the same.

Now coming to the realistic projects that have played a vital role in the development of Kochi as a whole. Below we will discuss such projects which turned Kochi from an ordinary city to a SmartCity.

• The projects of a smart city can be classified into two broad types. One is PAN City Solutions, and the other is ABD Area Solutions. All of these two category projects have been made in this city following proper planning and objectives.

• The Smart City Missions, also called SCM, has planned to create an ecosystem via Area Based Development(ABD) strategies.

• SCM's objective is to provide core infrastructure to the city with decent life quality to the citizens by minimizing the pollution.

• Keeping in mind the sustainable environment, all Smart City Solutions' applications have been brought in place to create a quality ecosystem. The ministry is playing a crucial role in the development of the same.

• The ministry of commerce has granted a one-time SEZ status project in the 246 acres of land in 2011. Initially, there raised a few problems regarding the same, but were later resolved.

• Along with TECOM investments, the Kerala government has signed an agreement worth Rs.2000 crores to expand the project across 246 acres of land. After completing the project, SmartCity Kochi would finally become one of the country's largest IT hubs, along with Bengaluru.

• Kochi is situated approximately 12 kilometers from the Cochin International Airport and 22 kilometers from the Ernakulam District headquarters. Most of the projects developed by TECOM are adjacent to the InfoPark, making it Kerala's IT hub.

• The presence of InfoPark and KINFRA Park has made the region very important for all the multinational companies.

• The data traffic inside SmartCity Kochi is handled by PeakAir Pvt Lmt, which provides 100% uptime data connectivity with almost every cellular network. Other popular bandwidth providers are BSNL, Bharti Airtel, and Power Grid Corporation of India.

• With rapid development and progress in technology, Kochi has won several prestigious awards and recognitions worldwide. The city is also progressing towards the GoGreen movement keeping in mind the ecological sustainability. They have worked towards recycling wastes, conserve water, and save energy movement.

• Kochi is also the first city to develop a rooftop solar photovoltaic plant, which has an enormous capacity of 564 kWP, which aims at reducing 10% of other resources of power.

• Kerala is one of the most investor-friendly states in India. The government with its famous Kerala Start-up Mission has given a major boost to the start-up sector.

Kerala is one of the most investor-friendly states in India. The government with its famous Kerala Start-up Mission has given a major boost to the start-up sector.

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