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Office Space For Rent

Trans Asia Cyber Park is truly one of its kind, a state of the art building that provides you with fully furnished commercial and office space for rent or lease at a very minimal rate. The cyber park situated in one of the most significant locations in Kochi has top-notch amenities that facilitate the full fledged growth of your business.

Fully Furnished Spaces

The significance of having a suitable and convenient workspace for running your business operation can never be challenged. However, putting up a new office can be highly expensive and draining especially if you are a start-up or a rising entrepreneur. Renting a fully furnished office space would be the perfect solution for such businesses. Whether you need a unique suite or a specialized floor, our experts in architecture and technology can bring your vision to life with private layouts optimized for your business goals.

Unfurnished Offices

Moving into a dedicated office space from a home office is certainly a good decision if you feel that your business is growing and it needs a more professional feel. Unfurnished office space is a bare shell. You have all the freedom to design and decorate by yourself letting you manage your expense better and streamlining the investments to various stages of your business development. With unfurnished office space, explore your creativity and enjoy the flexibility of rented accessories and furniture.

Transasia Business Center

The idea of ‘Workspace on Demand’ revolves around businesses wanting more control, flexibility and scalable business strategies that work for them, wherever and whenever they need them. Businesses have been expecting this from their HR, payroll and IT for ages, and are now looking to their properties too to deliver the same flexibility. In Transasia Business Center workspaces get shared or dedicated desks that provide access to common amenities, meeting rooms, and our global network of members. Get a dedicated or hot desk with premium amenities, from client-ready conference rooms to on-site support.

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